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This British band, One Direction, is taking over the airwaves in the US with their first album, Up All Night.  If you don't know much about the band, they were created during the seventh season of The X Factor in the UK.  They were five individual singing contestants that were not going to move on in the competition as solo artists, but one of the judges had the foresight to suggest they get together and compete in the groups category.  1 Direction was born...and the rest, as they history.

If you would like to learn more about One Direction or any of the five individual members, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, then check out our general leaf on 1 Direction.  Or if you would like to see some more great One Direction posters of both the band and its members, check out our sister site linked here.

Here we have highlighted some of the most interesting One Direction posters and other One Direction merchandise from around the web.  You may also want to check out this site with some of the best One Direction interviews culled from hours and hours of interviews on Youtube.

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Up All Night Live DVD

From the first US Tour last Winter

One Direction: Up All Night - The Live Tour (U.S. Version)
Columbia $13.19

This is the live DVD of One Direction's first US tour this past winter. 

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Amazing Video about One Direction and their US Following

Get a One Direction Shirt

Get these unique One Direction shirts and products with quotes about the band members Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn.

A Great Shot of One Direction Jumping off a Platform

Get this 1 Direction poster of the band mates jumping off a ledge symbolizing their leap into stardom.

Cool One Direction Posters

So Zayn has your heart, eh?

Then check out this Zayn Malik poster

one direction zayn malik

Zayn Malik is half Pakistani and half English.  One thing you might not know about Zayn is he also is a good artist and likes to draw cartoons and is into comic books.  You can buy this Zayn Malik poster from

Zayn Malik Jewelry

I heart zayn necklace

Interesting Zayn jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.  They come in three different styles "I Heart Zayn", "Reserved for Zayn" and "My Heart Belongs to Zayn"

A Different 1 Direction Zayn Malik poster

1D Zayn Malik poster

If you prefer this Zayn Malik poster, buy it here from

More Zayn Malik Posters

Posters Featuring Zayn Malik

Posters: One Direction Door Poster - 1D Zayn Malik 2012 (62 x 21 inches)

Unique Door poster that provides a life-sized Zayn Malik for your room.

Music - Pop Posters: One Direction - Zayn - Light Blue - 35.7x23.8 inches

Another Zayn Malik poster with a different look than the others.

Long Zayn Malik Interview also with Liam Payne

Recent Interview in Atlanta on the One Direction Tour of US this Summer

This is a 10 minute interview with Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.  Lots to listen to from 1D Zayn and Liam, talking about the 1D Tour, American accents, US girls, turn-ons, turn-offs, etc.

If Liam is your guy...

Check out this Liam Payne Poster

one direction liam payne

So you like Liam Payne?  Did you know that he only has one functional kidney and he had to have painful injections everyday when he was a kid?  You can buy this Liam Payne poster at

Liam Payne Jewelry

Like this Reserved for Liam Necklace

Reserved for Liam necklace

Want to tell the world that your heart belongs to Liam, this necklace, earrings and bracelent will help.  They come in three different styles, "Reserved for Liam", "I Heart Liam" and "My Heart Belongs to Liam".

Another Liam Payne Poster

liam payne one direction poster

This is another one direction poster of Liam Payne, buy it here.

Interesting One Direction Wall Art

Large 1D Wall Art Decals

Get One Direction Music on Amazon

Up All Night
Columbia $10.00

One Direction's first breakout album, Up All Night, is a triumph including the big hits What Makes you Beautiful and Tell me a Lie (written by Kelly Clarkson)

So You Love Louis...

Check out this Louis Tomlinson Poster

one direction louis tomlinson

Louis is the oldest of the One Direction band mates and you might not know that Louis is a huge Michael Jackson fan and cites Michael as a big inspiration for his career.  you can get this Louis Tomlinson poster from

Louis Tomlinson Jewelry

Like these I Heart Louis earrings

I heart louis earrings

Proclaim your love for Louis with these earrings, necklaces or bracelets.  The come in three different versions, "I Heart Louis", "Reserved for Louis" and "My Heart Belongs to Louis".

A Different 1D Louis Tomlinson Poster

louis tomlinson one direction

This Louis Poster is available from Allposters, buy it here.

Just Released in Paperback, the One Direction Book

Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction

One Direction: Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction
One Direction $10.76

Just released on May 22, 2012 this new book tells the story of their crazy first year together.

If Blonde is Your Color, then it must be Niall for you

Get this Niall Horan poster

1 direction niall

Niall Horan is the lone band member that hails from Ireland.  He is often called the Irish Justin Bieber because he can play multiple instruments, although guitar is his true love.  Buy this Niall Horan poster from

Niall Horan Jewelry

Like these Heart Shaped Earrings

Reserved for Niall earrings

If you want to shout out your love for Niall, you might like these earrings, bracelets and necklaces that come in three different styles, "I Heart Niall", "Reserved for Niall".

Do You Prefer this Niall Horan One Direction Poster

1D Niall Horan Poster

If so, you can purchase this one direction poster with Niall Horan, buy it from here.

Long Niall Horan Interview and Harry Styles Interview

Great 14 minute interview with two of the guys from One Direction

Interesting 1 Direction interviews with Niall Horan and Harry Styles, they are talking about Directioners, US girls vs English Girls, turn-offs, the One Direction US tour, strangest things thrown to them on stage, rumors that they have heard on tour and much more.

Fangirl Merchandise

One direction merchandise with fangirl logo

Shirts, jewelry, coasters, bedding and more with this unique fangirl design for true fans of One Direction.

Black and White One Direction Poster

one direction poster black and white

Interesting black and white One Direction poster


You like big shaggy Harry ?

Check out this Harry Styles Poster

1 direction harry styles

The youngest member of One Direction, Harry Styles grew up a fan of the Elvis and The Beatles growing up.  He cites Chris Martin from Coldplay as his true inspiration though.  Buy this cool Harry Styles poster from

Harry Styles Jewelry

Like this Tennis Bracelet and Charm

I heart Harry bracelet

If you want to proclaim your love for Harry, then you might like these bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more in one of three different styles "I Heart Harry", "Reserved for Harry".

Another 1D Harry Styles Poster

one direction harry styles poster

If you prefer this Harry Styles poster from, buy it here.

Acoustic Video of One Thing by 1 Direction

Professionally made video

Collectible One Direction Doll

Limited Edition - Available in September 2012 - Pre-order Now

zayn malik Doll

Buy these limited edition collectibles, such as this Zayn Malik Doll (pictured here) before they are actually released in September 2012.  Each of the five band members are represented including Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis.

Follow One Direction on Twitter

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One Direction Poster in Vertical format

one direction poster vertical image

Promotional One Direction poster with Vertical image


So How Did You First Hear of One Direction ?

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Do you like the Band, One Direction ?

Are you going to see 1 Direction on their current US Tour?


30 leaves
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There's been so much hype on these guys lately. Look like they're doing quite well.
16 leaves
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Tolovaj on said:
I rarely have a chance to watch TV and I have heard about One direction only through the internet pages (like yours), but I have heard only good stuff. I believe they have bright future!
102 leaves
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bill on said:
I've seen quite a few pages on the web about One Direction, like Tolovaj. Before I actually heard their song I saw the pages here on Zujava. They're playing one of One Direction's songs on top 40 which my daughter listens to from time to time.
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It has become a very interesting groundswell. It may be the first Tumblr based viral movement. Most of the teen girls in the US that I know said they all learned about One Direction on Tumblr.
Anonymous on said:
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My grand-daughter is crazy about One Direction. Her last birthday party was themed around the band. I can't wait to show her this leaf.
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My 14 year old daughter was crazy about them and her room ia still full of their posters, not to mention bags and T-shirts:)
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Seelyon on said:
I've got a niece that is obsessed with One Direction! When I was her age it was all about The Wiggles, how things have changed.

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