Paper dolls

Free paper dolls

paper dolls

Lots of free paper dolls for kids and adults. Paper dolls are near and dear to my heart. My mom used to draw me my very own paper dolls with cute little clothes. I specifically remember this one dress she drew with polka dots, it was my favorite. Unfortunately it didn't survive past my childhood.  Thats whats so great about paper dolls they're fun for  kids and adults. Even more fun to make your own.

Vintage paper doll

paper dolls printable

Vintage paper doll with three outfits

Girl paper dolls

girl paper dolls

Little girl paper doll with 6 outfits

Lady paper dolls

lady paper dolls

Photo (CC 2.0)

I love the fancy hats in this paper doll set and you can color them in yourself. You could even print off a few copies and color them in different colors. Even get a little crafty with them and add a touch of glitter or gemstones to really fancy them up.

Cinderella and prince charming paper dolls

printable paper dolls

Photo (CC 2.0)

Cinderella and prince charming paper dolls as well as outfits for beauty and the beast, goldilocks, the frog prince and jack the giant killer. As well as hats for each character.

Printable paper dolls

printable paper dolls

Photo (CC 2.0)

Women paper doll with dress, jacket and hats.

Vintage baby paper dolls

Paper doll clothes

Colored paper doll clothes

Retro paper dolls

retro paper dolls

Photo (CC 2.0)

Retro paper doll with dresses, suits, tops and bottoms.

To make your paper dolls last longer by gluing them on a thin piece of cardboard such as tissue paper box.

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