Zujava Payout FAQ

All of the Details on Making Money and Getting Paid on Zujava

Zujava payout

Can you earn money with Zujava? Yes! You'll earn money on pages that you create. This page has all the details on how the site makes money, how it is distributed among authors, the money making sections of the site, and how to get paid. 

You can make money on Zujava through simply by publishing great content. The more popular the page, or leaf, as we'd like to call it, the more money you'll make. In addition, you can monetize your content using Amazon by adding relevant Amazon products that fit in with the theme of your leaf. Not only are pages on Zujava optimized for search engines, but they can earn money, too.

Let's learn a little bit more about making money on Zujava...

What You'll Need in Order to Get Paid by Zujava

Be heard. Be influential. Be paid!

Zujava was created to make online publishing easy, and we want to make payout an easy process as well. Here's what we'll need from you:

A valid PayPal account. PayPal accounts are entirely free, they cost nothing to you. Just hook up your existing PayPal account to your Zujava account. Edit your bio to fill in your PayPal email address to receive money on payday. Here's a tutorial on setting up a PayPal account if you'd like some guidance.

We want you to be paid, so please fill out this information as soon as you fill out your account. If you don't have a PayPal account, go sign up! We only pay through PayPal and do not send checks. 

When is Payday?

Payday will be on the 15th of every month. If your articles have generated cash, then you'll receive your payment on the 15th. 

How Do You Make Money on Zujava?

There are a variety of ways that you can make money on Zujava. 

But first and foremost, it's quality that matters when creating a leaf on Zujava. When you create great articles, you'll find that the money will come easier.

How much money you make really depends on the effort you put into creating leaves, and the quantity of them. Great leaves are generally going to make more money than not-so-great ones, and people with more leaves are going to make money with people with very few leaves. Make sense?

All earnings via ads and affiliates (like Amazon) are split 50/50. 

Ads will automatically appear on every leaf that you create. These will be Google Adsense ads, and potentially other ads down the road. In addition to Adsense ads, you can earn by featuring Amazon products on your leaf. 

All Amazon earnings will be attributed to the individual author and page that earned them.

We pay out the authors' 50% based on our ZQ ranking system. The ZQ ranking system will be based on traffic, likes, and other factors. Where your page falls on the ZQ depends on these factors, and your average ZQ ranking for every leaf determines your pay. You can view the ZQ rank of all of your leaves on your user profile page.

Note that Ebay at this time is not a monetized section, but we aim to have it be a moneymaker in the not too distant future!

To Make Money, You First Need Leaves (Articles)!

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How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get Paid?

The revenue generating partners that pay Zujava pay 60 days or more from when the money was earned. This delay is to process payment to us. We then process payment to the authors on the 15th. 

So if the current month is June and I had earned money during March, I would receive it on June 15. 

Note that not all pages will receive money, only those that generated revenue according to the ZQ ranking system.

When Do You Get Paid for Referrals?

With Zujava's referral program, you'll earn 25% of however much the authors you recruit earn. This is taken from Zujava's money, not the author's money. Is it generous? You bet! 

When do you earn this money?

Just like your own revenue from your articles, it will be paid on the 15th. When the authors you recruit receive payment, you'll receive 25% of that (from Zujava's share, not their's!).

Learn more about our referral program on this page on Zujava's referral system.


Payout Explained

Payout is a fun part of publishing on Zujava, but it needs explanation to clarify how things work. 

All earnings here on Zujava are split 50/50. So whatever the site makes from ads and affiliate sections like Amazon, half of that goes to the authors. The other half helps grow Zujava and feed the hungry little toucan.

If your leaf has performed well, then the ZQ number will reflect that, and so will the amount that leaf has earned. The best leaves will receive the highest pay. The factors involved in determing the ZQ include traffic, community interaction, quality, and a variety of other factors.

Using a tiered system, Zujava will pay out to leaves that earned money. Your average ZQ rank for the month will determine which bucket or tier your leaf falls into. Keep in mind not every leaf will fall into a bucket if it hasn't earned money.

The amounts of each ZQ bucket - or tier - will vary month to month depending on how much the general ad pool has earned. 


Buckets Explained

AKA "Tiers"

We rank all leaves into a bucket (tier). Your ZQ will determine what bucket your leaf falls into. The bottom bucket receives the lowest percentage of ad earnings from the site. The bottom 70% of leaves fall into this bucket. 

The middle bucket is the next 20% of leaves, the top bucket (tier) is the top performing 10% of leaves on Zujava.

The highest bucket gets the biggest cut of the earnings, roughly 70%. The middle bucket receives 25% of the earnings, while the bottom tier gets 5% of the site earnings. 

Keep in mind these amounts are separate from Amazon and other affiliate earnings. You earn 50% of the sales you generate on any given page on Zujava. The buckets described above are all AFTER Zujava has taken 50%. 

IMPORTANT: Zujava's payout system evolves every month as more leaves are created. The tiers ALL get bigger as the site grows, so determining where the cutoff numbers are for the buckets are going to be different every month. 

The more useful the content you create is, the more likely you are to earn a higher ZQ rank for your leaves. Good original content = higher ranking = more money!


Uncle Sam wants YOU to - well, give him his cut.

If you're earning money on Zujava, you have to claim it as income. Those of you that earn under $600 and are in the US, please check with your tax preparer on how to claim those earnings. 

If you receive over $600 in a calendar year, Zujava will issue a 1099 so you can claim the money on your taxes. You'll need to give us your Tax ID number so we can send you a 1099. Only authors that have received over $600 in earnings will receive a 1099. 

If you are an author living internationally, check with your country or state to see what rules apply for claiming your income. 

Using Your Own Affiliate Links on Zujava

Zujava offers Amazon (and soon Ebay) sections that are money making tools you can add to your leaf. 50% of this money will be paid directly to the writer that earned the commission. We do not allow use of the Amazon Affiliate Program on Zujava, however, you can use the Amazon sections Zujava offers, which are monetized. You earn 50% of the total commissions earned from Amazon. Writers will earn 60% if their account contains over 25 published leaves.

To offer different products other than those found on Amazon and Ebay, some authors may choose to join affiliate programs to feature other useful products on their leaves. Please note that we cannot offer technical support for these affiliate programs. Use these at your own risk, and please only promote tasteful, excellent products that you'd actually buy yourself. 

For security reasons, we do not support certain HTML on Zujava, so please keep your coding simple. We do not support Java, Flash, iFrames, and coding that might interfere with the way that Zujava operates. If we find that the coding you add to a leaf is interfering with the site or violates our terms of service, we reserve the right to unpublish that leaf. 

When Will My Leaf Start Making Money?

Good question. If your leaf is generating traffic and revenue, it will start to earn immediately. The amount your leaf has made will not be posted until it is eligible for payout, which is 90 days after payout. We pay for work published 90 days prior, so if you had a leaf published three months ago, it could earn money for the month it was published in.

Note: The pending money on your dashboard next to each of your leaves is for affiliate sales only, and does not include other ad earnings displayed on Zujava.

How Can I Make Sure My Leaf is Eligible for Payout?

First and foremost, your leaf needs great content. Make your leaf as amazing as it possibly can be. Lackluster, low quality, and quality that is otherwise unhelpful will not rank well. Originality, high quality, personalization, frequent updates, and promotion all bring higher traffic numbers, which in turn will raise the ZQ ranking of your leaf. Focus on quality and promotion to earn a higher ZQ number, and your leaf may fall into a higher payout tier. 

Social likes are also part of the ZQ score ranking. From time to time, we may also add some mystery elements to our secret sauce ZQ algorithm to keep it fresh and fair for everyone. Overall, traffic should be the biggest concern to raise your ZQ. We use an average score for the month to determine which tier your leaf has fallen into for payout. 

How to Make Money with Amazon on Zujava

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How Do I Make More Money on Zujava?

Five ways to increase your earnings for next payout

Want to make even more money on Zujava? The answer is in the quality of the content, and how many quality pages you have published. Here are five ways that we recommend to increase your earnings for the next payout period:

  1. Publish more leaves. It's not all about quantity, but one single leaf isn't going to get you rich. The top earning authors will likely have a portfolio of high quality leaves that the Zujava community adores. So to earn more money, simply put, you need to publish more. 
  2. Edit your existing leaves and add more content. Not only does Google seem to prefer longer pages, but readers do, too. Make your page the go-to source for information on that subject. We're not saying to make your leaf a mile long, but pages on the longer side tend to perform better than shorter ones overall. 
  3. Get involved in the Zujava community. Want more comments and interaction on your own pages? The best way to do that is to get social. Browse the different topics, featured authors, and encourage newbies by visiting their leaves and leaving meaningful comments. Don't you love the feeling of getting a comment on your page? Comments add content, encourage authors, and make the Zujava community even stronger. Don't forget about the Zujava "like," which has some significance in the ZQ rank of a leaf. Our support portal will soon be the perfect place to mingle with other Zujava authors, ask questions, and meet new people.
  4. Increase Your Traffic. The traffic numbers of your leaf will be one of the highest factors in ZQ rank. So how does one increase traffic to their page? Within the Zujava community, commenting on other author's pages may encourage them to visit your page. Creating useful pages on topics people are searching for will likely lead to more traffic. Linking to your own Zujava leaf from your other Zujava leaves can help. Linking to your leaf from outside of Zujava could help your leaf perform even better.
  5. Promote yourself. Have interests outside of Zujava that are money making ventures? Linking to those projects can help drive traffic and potentially sales for yourself!  Write up a new leaf or series of leaves about your business or interests, whether it's your Ebay store, Etsy store, Zazzle store, real estate agency, art gallery, bike shop, cafe, or bookstore. Know a business that's worth featuring? Help them out and publish a leaf on Zujava about them! 

In Closing:

The amount of money you make is up to you. The more pages that are created on Zujava, the more site earns, and the higher the ad pool payout. The more well performing, high quality pages you create, the bigger the cut you'll have of the ad pool!

Go ahead, publish some leaves and start earning!

Payout Table

To make things crystal clear to all, here's when you'll receive payment for your earnings:

January 2013April 15, 2013
February 2013May 15, 2013
March 2013June 15, 2013
April 2013July 15, 2013
May 2013August 15, 2013
June 2013September 15, 2013
July 2013October 15, 2013
August 2013November 15, 2013
September 2013December 15, 2013
October 2013January 15, 2014
November 2013February 15, 2014
December 2013March 15, 2014