Add Sections of Content to Your Leaf: Images, Videos, Feeds, and Uniqueness!

We like to call the virtual Legos of content that you can stack up to make a great leaf "sections." These sections vary in purpose, just like Legos. You can add videos with the YouTube section. Add photos with the Flickr section. Upload your own photos using the Photo Gallery section. Provide a feed of your latest tweets with the Twitter section. Suck in your pins from Pinterest with the aptly titled Pinterest section. And, last but not least, tell us everything about you, your dog, your job, your experiences, and your passions with the Text section. 

All of the sections available on Zujava are located in the sidebar when you are editing a leaf. Let's walk you through all of the sections available on Zujava below.

1. Rich Text Section

The real "meat" of a leaf: where you can add text, a photo, or jumbo photo

The non-jumbo sized photo that can be uploaded to a text section.

The default text for a rich text section states this:

"Add unique content, including a photo in this text section. Adding more text sections will allow you to add even more tantalizing content! The more unique content you add, the better your chance of this leaf performing better."

The Rich Text section will be the backbone of your leaf. It's versatile, and gives you the opportunity to use basic HTML like bold, italicize, and ordered lists. In addition, you can upload one photo. Click off the "jumbo image" box at the bottom to make the photo appear full width!

2. Featured Leaves Section

Add your other leaves, or feature related leaves from other authors!

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3. Image Gallery Section

Add multiple photos with captions, like these!


The Hunger Games (Book 1)
Suzanne Collins $6.24
Columbia $11.88
Proform 505 CST Treadmill
ProForm $599.00

The Black Box Section

Ebay Products Section

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Payments Up 1560% Since Launch!

Which Section is Your Favorite?

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