Small Space Gardening: Grow Veggies on a Vegetable Trellis

How to Grow More Veggies In Less Garden Space

Peas growing below cucumbers on vegetable trellis in my garden.

If your home garden space is small and you're looking for a way to get more produce from a tiny vegetable patch, try growing veggies on a trellis or vertical plant support. Many vegetables produce more fruit in less space grown on a vegetable trellis. Veggies grown vertically are easier to harvest, and they stay clean with less rot, too.

I use a free-standing staked vertical garden trellis strung with nylon garden netting to support peas in a small kitchen garden near my back door, plus I plant a later crop of peas and lettuce beneath the lean-to frame; the slight shade cools the soil and air a bit for these veggies that wilt and bolt in the heat of summer.

Adding a trellis to your vegetable garden is a good investment that will increase your harvest yield in a small space garden patch. Go vertical and get more harvest from a small garden or raised bed planter.

Simple Garden Netting Trellis Supports

DIY Veggie Trellis Supplies

This offer is for the trellis only; netting sold separately, or use your own twine.

  • Plastic coated steel, 5ft x 5ft
  • Easy to assemble without tools, and folds for easy off-season storage.

A-Frame Trellis - Gardeners Supply

  • Heavy duty nylon netting measures 5-feet by 30-feet. Plenty of room to use with stakes or the trellis shown above.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Harvesting is easy with reach-through mesh is ideal for growing tomatoes, peas and all vine crops 

Woven twigs pea trellis with grapevine wreath.

I Love My Vegetable Garden Trellis Collection

I use all different types of small space veggie garden supports

You can find a nice range of commercial garden trellis kits available, or you can make your own vegetable trellis supports. I like to use a lean-to design trellis in my vegetable garden to grow cucumbers and plant lettuce or peas in the shady space below the mesh.

I grow peas in a raised bed garden right outside my back door.  My robust patch of sugar snap peas gets plenty of support from a simple stretched nylon netting trellis that spans three sides of the growing box.

In my flower garden along the back of our house, I grow more pea vines on a simple twig trellis I made from thin tree branch trimmings woven together using a simple wattle fence technique.  The peas share the twig trellis with a climbing rose I can see from the kitchen sink window.

Garden Pergola Planter

Add a functional and beautiful entrance to your garden or patio

Dramatic and practical garden planter pergola made of cedar will last a lifetime

Maximize space while adding to the natural beauty of your garden with this arched pergola planter kit.

You get a planter plus beautiful and sturdy trellis that's decorative and functional.

 Gronomics PP2 18-34S 3-Feet by 10-Feet by 8-Feet Pergola Planter, Finished

This garden pergola vertical garden kit consists of two substantial cedar planter boxes fitted with trellis backs that join overhead to form a pergola. Plants can also be placed in pots below or near the boxes to maximize vertical growing space.

Handcrafted  and finished in the USA from 100-percent Western red cedar. Minimal assembly required.

Can be used as a garden/patio entrance or trellis for climbing plants. Includes space saving planter boxes as shown. 

Pole beans growing on sapling bean pole towers

In my big vegetable garden,  pole beans climb up a series of bean towers I made by lashing together the tops of 4 long sapling poles cut from the woods behind our house.  Our cucumbers are living the high life lifted up off the soil with a lean-to vegetable support trellis made with recycled garden fence and more sapling poles.

Cedar Wooden Vertical Garden Planter

Beauty and function in a small space vertical garden box planter

This cedar vertical garden planter is beautiful and sturdy. I would love to have this on my patio, to plant with vegetables and flowers. Vertical gardens are easy to care for and produce an abundance of vegetables and flowers in a small space.

Natural unfinished cedar wooden raised bed planter box with attached trellis lets you grow vegetables or flowers vertically in back, and smaller plants in front. Sturdy planter system measures 48" x 48".

Gronomics VG3245 Vertical Garden Planter, 32-Inch by 45-Inch by 9-Inch is in stock at Amazon.

Peas growing happily under a home made cucumber trellis in my vegetable garden

Home Made Cucumber Trellis

Keep vines and veggies off the soil away from slugs and dirt with a vertical garden support

Cucumbers, squash,melons and tomatoes grow on vines and they're quite happy sprawling all over the ground in your garden, but if you need to save space or want to keep your veggies up off the soil, grow them on a trellis. When you grow cucumbers or tomatoes vertically on a trellis support they're easier to pick, they don't get deformed or rotten and they stay clean. There's less chance of slug or rodent damage when you provide a sturdy trellis for your veggies to climb. 

DIY Vegetable Trellis - how to make a vegetable garden trellis like the one shown above, an inexpensive and sturdy vegetable trellis for your vegetable garden. Takes about an hour and costs less than $5.00.

DIY Vegetable Trellis

Cucumbers grow on simple to make DIY trellis in small vegetable garden

Want to grow more delicious vegetables in less garden space? Grow your cucumbers and other vine-growing veggie plants on a sturdy home made g... Read more

Small Space Gardeners

Trellis or No Trellis?

There are many different ways to maximize produce in a small space garden. Trellising is only one solution ... have you tried it?

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden with Tomato Tower Supports

Small Space Garden Trellis Options

Artful Garden Supports for Vertical Growing

Unique, well-designed simple support systems for growing vegetables or flowers in a small garden.

Lean-to corner panel style steel vertical vegetable garden trellis.

Frame-It-All Veggie Wall Expandable Stainless Steel Trellis System

Cedar Brackets, Trellis Netting, Steel Rod, Zinc Plated Steel Hardware.

Mount brackets on a wall or to user-supplied posts, attache steel rod and hang netting.

Space Saving, Vertical, Organic Vegetable, Sky Scraper Gardening System

Unique garden sculpture style plant trellis made from recycled reinforcing bar (rebar) rods.

Left untreated, the trellis is made to rust naturally over time

72-inch high with a 15-inch diameter base

Plumstone 602 Recycled Rebar Heights Trellis, 6-Feet

Vegetable Trellising

Good or Waste of Money/Time?

Some gardeners love trellises and plant supports, while others just let plants "do their thing" in the garden. Share your thoughts here ...

Do vegetable trellises and supports increase produce yields in small space gardens?

Enter the characters shown in the image.

Yes, I get way more veggies from my little garden when I use plant supports

Writer Oakwood says "Of course, vertical gardening increases the yield per square foot of soil. Doesn't work will all veggies though - like carrots :)"

No, I have no difference in my garden yields if I use trellising or plant supports

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Rustic trellis support for raised bed pumpkin plants

Gardening Deals on eBay

Hunt for small space garden savings!

Do you use a trellis or other plant supports in your vegetable garden?

Share your ideas or tips for maximizing your harvest in a small space vegetable garden or raised bed.

Have you tried the vertical gardening veggie support trick to get more produce from a small garden or raised bed planting box? What's your favorite type of vegetable trellis or vegetable plant support?


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bill on said:
Nice use of the new Duel section! We have little space here, so if I attempt a veggie garden next year, this will come in useful.
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Trellises are a great way to use vertical space in the garden. I'm a fan!
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I've always want to grow my own veggies but everything I plant dies :)
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We have a small garden space so I definitely might try a trellis next year. This year we had hard rain for so long that the only thing which survived were the peas. At least the weeds are gone too so next year will be easier if the weather cooperates. Nice suggestion on the tall trellis.
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This is square-foot gardening designed for even smaller spaces. What a great idea. I might try this if I ever learn how to grow vegetables.
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marciag on said:
This is perfect for anyone who has a tiny space for gardening and growing green. I wonder if some of these ideas could translate in a balcony gardening - I live in an apartment (sadly) so I don't have much green space around me.
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I should try it - though I am really bad at gardening. My zucchini plants aren't even fruiting this year?! Ah well. I do like the idea of keeping the veggies out of the dirt and away from the bugs and rot.
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I always seem to live in areas with limited outdoor space, so this leaf is wonderful for me.

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