Smurf crafts

How to make a smurf craft

smurf crafts

Cute Smurf crafts

I just love those blue little guys and they're great for making all sorts of crafts.  Fun for a boring afternoon, a birthday party or if you just love the smurfs like I do. How to make a smurf craft.

how to make smurf crafts

How to make a smurf crafts for kids

diy smurf crafts

You will need:

red yarn



blue glitter glue

small white pompoms

medium white pompoms

small blue pompoms


You will need 20 small white pompoms to make the hat.  Start with six white pompoms for the first row, glue 5 more together above the first row and four for the top row.  The last five white pompoms are glued in a curve shape for the top and point of the hat.  Below the hat, glue seven blue pompoms for the face.  The rest of the head is as follows, 6 pompoms, another row of six and eight for the bottom of the face.  On the left side of the face, glue one blue pompom for the ear.  For the eyes glue two medium white pompoms and add two drops of blue glitter glue in the center.  Glue both eyes on the right side of the smurfs head.  Below the eyes, glue two blue pompoms for the nose.  You will need to cut a 1/2 inch piece of red yarn or you could also use a pipe cleaner piece and glue at the bottom of the head for the smile.  Super easy and perfect for kids and preschoolers. Use your cute smurf head to make a magnet, hanging decoration, ornament or stick puppet.

Smurf theme song

Just in case you got a sudden urge to hear the smurf theme song.

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