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July Payout Sent!
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If you earned money in the month of May, you will see that reflected in your earnings report tab on your dashboard. If you received over $5, or the total pending money in your account was $5 or more, you should have received a payment via PayPal. This is a small but exciting milestone for Zujava and our Writers! This was our fourth payout, and we paid out to more people than the previous payouts. 
First Payment Has Been Sent! Check Your Earnings Reports
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This week, we sent out our first ever payout! It was exciting to see the system work, and the general consensus of the community is that it's a good first sign for Zujava. The payments shown in the earnings report reflect the amount of money that your leaves made during the months of February and March. This includes money earned from Amazon. Yes, we were able to track sales on every leaf, so that money never entered the ad pool (as we said might happen during Beta)! 
How to Make Money with Amazon on Zujava
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There's a reason that Amazon is the top affiliate program on the web. They have millions of products to choose from, which makes them the go-to choice for any content marketer. No matter what niche you write about, Amazon has products that fit right into the content. Zujava also makes it easy, with no HTML or coding required. Our Amazon sections do the work for you. You simply choose an Amazon product to be featured, and it will be featured on your leaf. Promote unique products, offer reviews, and offer a true resource to readers, and you may earn a sale.
The First Zujava Payment is Here!
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Today is a milestone for Zujava and our incredibly talented writers. On the heels of our announcement that we left Beta, today is the first ever payday at Zujava! w00t!If you made over $5, you will be paid via PayPal. If not, it will be added to your pending money on the earnings report tab on your dashboard. Once you reach $5 in pending earnings, a PayPal payment will be sent your way. Please remember to fill in your proper PayPal email address so that you can be paid.
Zujava Payout FAQ
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Zujava payout
Can you earn money with Zujava? Yes! You'll earn money on pages that you create. This page has all the details on how the site makes money, how it is distributed among authors, the money making sections of the site, and how to get paid.