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Who Am I?

I am a teen on Zujava, and I love writing good content online to earn a good income. I started on Wordpress, and then I moved on to Squidoo which has been promising. Eventually, I heard about Zujava though the SquidU Forum, and a lensmaster from Squidoo helped to create Zujava, so I was drawn in. I have decent schoolwork, but I always want to go above and beyond, so I write about what I love. Out of every topic, I know about Yugioh Cards the most, and I have created over 20 Squidoo lenses as well as some Zujava leaves all about Yugioh. Zujava has been a wonderful experience for me, and I am happy to have had the urge to continue writing online. I love my job which has now become my hobby. I want other people like me to write about what they love because everyone has a passion, and everyone can write about it.

What Is Your Passion?

Surely, you could write about it

Rescue Rabbit

Writing about my passions is a wonderful experience, and it most certainly proves to be a wonderful experience for anyone who tries to achieve this feat. Writing about my passion is fun, and I've never worked online for my entire life, I've had fun. There are a lot of people with a lot of passions. Some people write about how to train a dog to run on the treadmill. Some people study grasshoppers for a living. I'm right in the mix with a passion for Yugioh Cards and Squidoo. Writing about these passions is always fun, and I always have something to look forward to after my homework. Best of all, I get paid for writing about what I love. I can get a big Paypal check in the middle of the month, and I would be really happy. However, there was a time when I didn't get paid a cent for what I did. I went on Wordpress and wrote a blog called yugiohphilosophy. Even though I didn't get paid a penny, this blog on Wordpress showed me that this is a hobby of mine and it doesn't eat time. Anyone can write about their passions. Just look at me. I have over 200 posts on my Yugioh Philosophy Blog, and I post once a day. Rescue Rabbit (the picture) is just one of the many Yugioh Cards that I have written about.


Where I Began

Wordpress Logo

I had a passion for my Boston Red Sox, and that passion got me into the spirit to write a blog (mlblog at the time) about the Red Sox. I didn't even start on Wordpress, but I started on the mlblogs website instead. Then, the mlblogs company decided to convert to Wordpress, and I was no longer dependent on baseball. That is when I wrote about Yugioh Philosophy which still stands as my most updated blog of all time with 215 posts to this day. Wordpress was my starting point, and it taught me that going online and making posts and blogs was fun. However, I soon learned that you could make money by doing what I was already doing on Wordpress. I began to look for more options while updating Yugioh Philosophy daily (and I still do).

I Searched Ways To Make Money Blogging

And Then I Found Squidoo


I had been looking for many ways that I could make money by blogging which I had been doing for almost a year just for fun. I am a teen, so giving myself an income to work with while most people are looking for jobs would be a big advantage for me. I was just a regular person with his hobbies (still am) trying to make money. I looked for what must have been a month, and then I found Squidoo. I have a leaf all about Squidoo, but it has been an awesome journey as a lensmaster, and Squidoo eventually led me to Zujava. Anyway, I joined Squidoo on February 14, 2012, and my first payout is in mid May, but I have made some sales along the way, so I have almost $35 pending from Amazon sales. That doesn't even include the Adsense. I am excited to start earning on Squidoo, and I have over 100 lenses, so I can't wait to see what I earn.

Making Money


I didn't make money with Zujava yet, but I should get my first payment in August. However, I did make money with Squidoo. On May 10, 2012, I made my first paycheck with Squidoo which reached to $30.78 not including how much Paypal takes and my donations towards charity. I was very happy to make that money, and I hope to have many more successful paydays ahead.


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I am very sure that you will certainly see many great paydays in the future. The great thing about starting your writing career young is that your article base and online presence will be quite substantial by the time you reach your twenties. You have a wonderful niche topic area carved out for yourself and I wish you all the best in your career.
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Joanne on said:
You are a really good writer, and I commend you for pursuing your passions while earning an income at the same time. Best wishes to you for the future.

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