Thanksgiving Dinnerware For A Festive Holiday Table

A bountiful feast begins with a beautiful table

Thanksgiving feast on the table

When we were growing up, Thanksgiving was one of our favorite holidays. My mother would get up very early to put the turkey in the oven, and as the morning wore on, there would be so many other delicious smells wafting in from the kitchen that we kids practically drooled while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.

There was always a huge arrangement of fruits and nuts that my mother would put together too. Back then, fruits such as Golden Delicious apples and tangerines were real treats that weren't available every day. They were thoroughly enjoyed along with the rest of our Thanksgiving feast.

Special dishes and serving pieces always came out at Thanksgiving too. We kids got to know which glass dish the "cranberry sauce went in", or which platter was "the turkey platter".

On this page I've collected some of the dinnerware I've found that will help you set a beautiful, festive Thanksgiving table for your family and friends.

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Lorenzo Amelia Dinnerware

Not everyone wants to have a special set of dishes JUST for Thanksgiving. This dinnerware set is a great choice for those who prefer using only one set of dishes, but it's elegant enough for the Thanksgiving table.

You get 49 pieces in this service for eight. The set is dishwasher-safe white porcelain decorated with a gold border around the edges. It'll be easy to coordinate a Thanksgiving tablecloth, napkins, and centerpiece with this set.

Lorenzo Amelia 57-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 8
Lorenzo Import, LLC $176.00

Along with the usual dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, tea cups and saucers, this set also comes with serving platter, salt and pepper shakers, serving bowl, tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl.

Lenox Holiday Tartan

I know that some families blend the start of the holiday season, combining bits of both Thanksgiving and Christmas, starting on Thanksgiving Day. For those who put up their Christmas tree in time for Thanksgiving dinner, here's a set of dinnerware that would coordinate nicely.

Lenox Holiday Tartan Gold-Banded 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1
Lenox $179.99

This five-piece china place setting features tartan ribbon, holly, and autumn fruit around it, along with 24-karat gold trim. This set would blend in nicely with both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Your Thanksgiving table style

Spode Woodland Turkey

Set of four earthenware salad plates features brown decoration around the edges, and image of a large turkey in the middle. This set would be for somebody who likes to "do it up" with traditional Thanksgiving themes.

How to set a Thanksgiving table

In this short video, we are shown how to set a semi-formal, traditional Thanksgiving table. The hostess shows how to place the candles and centerpieces so that all the guests can still have a conversation, how to use decorative chargers under the dinner plates, how to lay the flatware, and more. She even gives tips on what to change if you want a more formal, or less formal, table.

Thanksgiving Blessing Banquet Plates

Some families don't enjoy fussing with fancy tableware. When it comes to Thanksgiving, they are more likely to go casual, maybe not so much with the foods they serve, as the plates they serve it on.

These Thanksgiving Blessing Banquet plates are paper plates, just right for the casual Thanksgiving meal, for a plate of leftovers after the meal, or even a piece of pie while watching the football games after dinner.

Creative Converting Thanksgiving Blessing Round Banquet Plates, 8 Count
Creative Converting-Toys

These colorful paper plates feature squash, pumpkins, and leaves around the edges, with a large colorful turkey in the middle. A package of these paper plates will work for the casual Thanksgiving table, or for stacking near the pies on the dessert table.

Rachael Ray Dinnerware

This Rachael Ray dinnerware is for those who prefer a simple, yet contemporary, style to their Thanksgiving table. This set features the round-and-square design that gives it such a fresh look. This autumn orange would look pretty set for the Thanksgiving feast.

Serving Thanksgiving dessert

Face it, who wants to do the dishes right after the main meal on Thanksgiving? Nobody. People want to get to the pie and football, so take the easy way out, and serve the dessert on these pretty paper plates.

Fall leaves and orange pumpkins decorate these plates and napkins, and will coordinate with most any tablecloth and dinnerware. 

Harvest ~ Fall Leaves ~ Paper Dinnerware Set ~ Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates & Napkins

These are heavy-duty paper plates, and there are enough plates and napkins in this package to serve dessert to a large gathering.

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What is your favorite memory of Thanksgiving dinner?


52 leaves
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My father had been a cook and my mom came from an old country family so our meal times were huge. Our celebrations always had an unbelievable amount of delicious food presented.
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Bonita on said:
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and even though I don't particularly enjoy cooking on regular days, I cook an awesome Thanksgiving feast. Having a lovely table that day is really important. These are beautiful dishes on this leaf!
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I know what you mean about the special dishes and serving pieces - my mom had this beautiful crystal dish that always held the cranberry sauce and we had a special platter for the turkey that only came out on Thanksgiving. It was a huge oval china dish and in the center was a picture of, what else, a turkey!
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Sparrowlet on said:
I like to really make my Thanksgiving table fancy, with table cloth, candles, centerpiece and pretty napkins. I don't have Thanksgiving table wear, but I do have a full set of Christmas plates and dishes!
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Marie on said:
I love autumn and fall themed tables. Some beautiful dinnerware here.
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Camden on said:
My mother-in-law has given me some lovely Fitz & Floyd Thanksgiving serving dishes that look beautiful on the Thanksgiving table. My favorite is a large turkey serving bowl that we put our stuffing in.

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