The Halloween Tree - A Fun Decorating Idea

Start a Great New Halloween Tradition

It's no surprise that Halloween is a much-loved holiday. Celebrated by kids, of course, but many adults enjoy the fun of this holiday too. Would you believe Halloween has become the second biggest decorating holiday in the United States, surpassed only by Christmas? It's true!

So join in the fun with a great new Halloween decoration that you, and your children, will love - the Halloween Tree!

Just like a Christmas tree, a Halloween Tree is decorated with any sort of ornament or item that is in keeping with the spooktacular Halloween holiday. And you can have fun making your own decorations, or purchasing ready-made items, the possibilities are endless.  

Big or small, artificial or real - the Halloween Tree is something you will really enjoy!

The best thing about Halloween Trees

The best thing about starting the tradition of a Halloween Tree is that it affords you the chance to enjoy this fun holiday even longer.

Bring out your Halloween Tree early and start getting in the spirit of the season.  Put it up in September and begin with just your autumn-themed decorations first, then when October comes bring out the "spooky" Halloween-themed stuff and decorate some more.

It's two times the fun that way!

How to get started

There are several things to think about

First you'll need to determine how big or small you want to start out with your Halloween Tree. A free-standing 6 foot tall focal point is great, but so is a smaller 2 or 3 foot tabletop version too.

The space you have available can be a deciding factor, as a large tree can take up almost as much room as a Christmas tree.

I personally started with a tabletop display, but once I had collected more and more decorations, I eventually graduated to a larger tree after a few years.  

The adorable little tree pictured here is tiny, but if that's all you have room for it still counts as a Halloween Tree!

Starting off Small

For the best effect, your 'tree' should be at least 24" to 30" tall

Should you choose an artificial or real tree?

The pros and cons

Photo by Trader Chris

Next you'll need to decide if you want an artificial tree or a real tree. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Artificial trees can be made out of plastic, wire, resin, or other man-made material. Obviously, storage of an artificial tree or tree branches is something to consider too, as is the initial expense.

Real tree branches have the benefit of being pretty much free and easily disposable, but if you bring your own home from the woods, you do have to think about insects and such. However, there are real branches available online, such as Manzanita or curly Willow, which have been dried for commercial use and are bug-free.

You'll need to decide what works best for you.

Artificial Halloween Trees

If you've chosen to go with an artificial tree, they come in variety of shapes and forms, as well as many sizes from little mini ones to 7' tall giants.

If you're going to start off small, I recommend a tree that has a height of at least 24 to 36 inches. Any smaller and it may look dwarfed by your decorations. Remember, half the fun of having a Halloween Tree is coming up with all the fun decorations to hang on and in it - so give yourself a tree that's large enough to hold them.

Real Halloween Trees

From nature or store-bought

If you want a natural look, you may want to consider finding your own branch or branches out in nature to bring inside for your Halloween Tree.  But, you should never cut live branches for this project - the tree might not like it, and it might leak sap depending on the variety of tree. It's best to find fallen branches for this use. 

If you do use natural 'found' branches, brush them off with a stiff brush and remove any loose bark and dead leaves.  Little critters that you can't see might be living on those leaves.  You can leave your branches 'au natural' or spray paint them black if you like.

If you'd rather purchase preserved and cleaned branches for your tree, look for ones that are strong enough for you to decorate, like Willow and Manzanita. 

Which would you prefer?

Decorating Your Halloween Tree

This is when the fun really begins

My favorite thing about a Halloween Tree is coming up with fun (and creepy) decorations for it. Some I'll make myself or improvise out of found objects, some I'll buy at a store. I especially like to shop the after-Halloween clearance sales for treasures for the next year.

No matter where you get your decorations from, you can't go wrong. Just have fun with it.

Some great decoration items include:

  • Black spiders
  • Artificial spider 'webs'
  • Mini skulls
  • Skeletons
  • Bats
  • Crows or ravens
  • Black ribbon
  • Orange twinkle lights
  • Ghosts
  • Mini pumpkins
  • faux berries
  • Artificial leaves
  • small link chain
  • skeleton keys

Anything goes

Use your imagination, be creative!

Fun and Creepy Garlands

Have some fun stringing your Halloween Tree with little twinkle lights and some spooky garlands like these:

Scary Skulls On A Chain Halloween Decoration
Brands On Sale Halloween Props

The Father of Halloween Trees

Photo by Philip A. Shreffler

I've been decorating with Halloween Trees for many years, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this article: 

Origin of the Halloween Tree

It's about how it all started, and the man who considers himself the inventor of the Halloween Tree.  

What can I say - he's a man after my own heart.

Halloween Tree Showcase

What do you think about Halloween Trees?

Do you think you might start a new tradition at your house with a Halloween Tree?  Let us know...


102 leaves
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bill on said:
Interesting! Halloween is getting bigger year after year. It's a pretty cool idea, not sure I'd be up for the task of keeping a tree up from October-December, but still, I wouldn't mind seeing one in person. Cool ideas, nice work!
49 leaves
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Halloween IS getting bigger every year - I read that Americans spend somewhere around $6 billion each year!
56 leaves
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I had not thought of putting up a Halloween tree but I think it is a great idea. Ghoulishly devilry I must say. Love the idea.
49 leaves
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Thanks! I get such a kick out of my Halloween Tree, I highly recommend trying it out!
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beckyf on said:
The Halloween trees look very festive. Were most of these photos of trees that you have done?

I enjoyed your leaf. :)
51 leaves
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beckyf on said:
The Halloween trees look very festive. Were most of these photos of trees that you have done?

I enjoyed your leaf. :)
49 leaves
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Surprisingly, there were LOTS of pictures of Halloween Trees out there by others that I used in this leaf since I couldn't find any good shots of my own (mostly had my kids in front of them). But I'll be sure to get some good photos this Halloween and add a picture of this years tree for sure!
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Love it. The trees are so cute. What a great idea. Very festive.
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Thanks, I really do enjoy decorating my tree - and coming up with different twists on the theme each year.
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Lilymom on said:
We love Halloween at our house but never thought of a Halloween tree. Its a very unique idea and one we will be trying this year. My kids will love it! Thanks for the tip. =)

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