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Making a Home in a Tiny Apartment

urban apartment window

You want to live in the city, but you can't afford to pay those prices. What do you do? Some city dwellers have chosen to embrace small space and use it as a canvas for their creativity. With clever design, their tiny homes seem so much bigger. 

Here is a collection of videos that showcase micro urban apartments and their inspired inhabitants. Much thanks goes to Kirsten Dirksen for her exceptional work on many of these videos.  

The apartment window photo by Vincent Dejardin is used under a Creative Commons license. 

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Barcelona Rooftop Apartment

Everything He Needs at His Fingertips

This video takes you up 100 stairs to what used to be a dreadful little space. As Christian's mother said, "What have you done?" But now, this 258 square foot (24 square metre) apartment is an impressive arrangement of carefully planned and crafted components that he built and installed to create the perfect nest  ... in a remodeled pigeon coup!

Manhattan Studio with Guest Room

Elegant Architect-Designed Conversion

Eric bought the biggest space he could afford. In Manhattan, that was 250 square feet (41 square metres). With the help of architectural firm, Normal Projects, this space was remodelled to become an elegant, efficient multi-functional set of rooms by clever use of cabinets and panels. And it has a serious cook's kitchen! In this video, as well as meeting Eric, you hear the thought processes of the architect.

Hong Kong Domestic Transformer

Sliding Panels and Walls Recreate Rooms

In his 344 square foot (31 metre) Hong Kong apartment, Gary Chang used his skill as an architect to make an warm and friendly home by the use of sliding walls that hide components - the bed, the soaker bath, the kitchen, the living room, the library and the screening room. Most people walk through a doorway to get to a different room. Gary stays in the same room and moves the walls. As they shift, the space becomes something different. When he's finished with that room, he transforms the space into yet another room. You have to see this to get the full impact of what he's done.

A Place for Everything in New York

Live in Manhattan, Walk to Central Park

Felice is a professional organizer who took on the challenge of a 90 square foot (8 square metre) microstudio with a sleeping loft. She is a writer and artist who works from her home, and was willing to make the space sacrifice in order to live in the Manhattan Upper West Side, a block from Central Park. Location, location, location! She adapted the space to suit her needs, and now enjoys life in her simple, cozy home.

San Francisco SmartSpace Studio 1.0

Even the Professionals Don't Get Everything Right the First Time

SmartSpaces are the brain child of housing developer Patrick Kennedy. To test out his design ideas, he constructed a 160 square foot (14 square metre) prototype apartment. It features  built-in, convertible furniture and careful attention to the details that reflect a real person's use of space. With good humor, Patrick points out that the design doesn't get everything right, and there will be some revisions before his SmartSpace goes out into the real world.

Have you ever lived in a really tiny apartment?

Furniture that Transforms

Multiple Use of Space Expands It

This Italian-designed, carefully engineered furniture is truly amazing. You have to see it to believe how great it is - space transformation at its most excellent.

Making the Most of Small Space

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More Small Space Inspiration

If you enjoyed these creative solutions to small living spaces, you can go on more virtual tiny tours by visiting my leaf about the Tiny House Movement:

Tiny Houses 

Small rooms and dwellings set the mind 
on the right path, large ones cause it
to go astray. - Leonardo da Vinci 

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bill on said:
The Hong Kong apartment with sliding walls is amazing. I wish I had that in some of my apartments back in the day. The transforming furniture is a great idea for space saving, especially the desk in the bookshelf. My desk takes up so much room, one of these would be great. Well done!
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I feel inspired every time I look at these videos. Right now I'm on a sort and purge mission to get rid of stuff that I don't need to give house space to. By the way, I really want one of those Italian beds for the guest room!
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bill on said:
Congratulations on receiving the first Magna Cum Laude award for this leaf! http://www.zujava.com/magna-cum-laude/magna-cum-laude-leaf-tiny-apartments
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Thanks so much, Bill. I feel incredibly honored to receive this award, and to be the first one ... well, words fail me!
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Paz on said:
No matter what size our properties are many of us seem to have a habit of filling it with stuff we don't really need.

Some really great ideas here,a great leaf.

Congratulations on your Magna Cum Laude award.
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Thanks, Paz. I think you're absolutely right about tending to buy and keep what we don't need. These videos have given me a renewed resolve to have less stuff.
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kburns421 on said:
These videos are amazing! Kudos for finding them, and you wrote so eloquently about them. Congrats on the Magna Cum Laude award!
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I would go nuts living in something that small. Enjoyed your article though.

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