Top Designer Tote Bags

Top Designer Tote Bags of 2013

Kate Spade Shopper Tote

A designer tote bag is an easy and chic way to carry your belongings. All the top accessory manufacturors have tote-style bags in their line. That means there is a bag that will perfectly suit your needs!

Tote bags are convenient for days when you have lots of stuff to carry with you! They can double as a laptop bag, so long as you have a protective sleeve for your computer, or be loaded up for a trip to the beach. For many women, the simplicity of a tote is an advantage. There aren't many compartments to hunt through when you are looking for an item.

This list features some of the best designer tote bags of 2013, from great brands like Coach and Kate Spade. These designers know what it takes to make a quality tote that will last for many years to come.

Kate Spade Totes

Kate Spade was founded in 1993 and is one of the premier names in purses and bags. The company makes tote bags ranging from casual daytime bags you can take to the beach to elegant, glossy totes that are perfect for evening.

Coach Tote Bags

Coach is one of the most respected brands of bags in the world. Their products are high quality and beautiful. Like Kate Spade, Coach makes a wide range of totes for any occasion.

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Designer purses and handbags like the ones featuerd above are a luxury that most of us can't really afford.  But sometimes it is fun to dream!  If you suddenly had money, what's the first thing you would buy?

A Designer Look for Less

There are many brands available that provide a similar look to the top designers for less money.  While these brands may not last as long and are not made of the same high-quality material, they are just as functional as a more expensive designer tote bag.

BARLIN Tan Designer Inspired Faux Alligator Print Expandable Top Handle Shopper Tote Shoulder Bag

Try this large tote bag to get a similar look to the previous entries, at a fraction of the price.  It may not be a name brand, but how often does that really matter with purses?

Nine West Tote Bags

The Right Combination of Style and Affordability

Now that we've looked at the top of the line and a low-end tote bag, do you want to find a great middle ground?  My favorite tote bags are from Nine West and their Nine & Co. line of purses.  These bags range from between $40 and $80 dollars and they are very sturdy.  I use my Nine & Co. totes several times a week and they have held up beautifully.  Plus, they look far more expensive than they truly were!

Most of these bags come in a variety of colors and patterns, so don't be dismayed if one of these isn't exactly right.  If the shape works, check it out and see if an alternative color would suit you best! 

Nine West Can't Stop MD Tote,Navy Multi,One Size
Nine West

The best part about this tote bag is that it comes in more than a dozen different color options. You can find lots of great patterns to suit your personal style.

Nine West If the Tote Fits Med Shopper Tote,Black/Black,One Size
Nine West

A black patent leather bag is always going to be a classic look.  If I could only buy one tote bag, it would be one like this that I could take anywhere.

Nine West Large Tote'em Crinkle Patent Tote (Blue)

This bag is all the shine!  Available in either blue or grey, the patent finish will get attention.

Nine West Quilted Colorblock Large Tote (Red)

Sometimes a bright colorblock tote is one of the best options.  It has more visual interest than a solid colored bag, but doesn't have a busy pattern so you can carry it with nearly anything.

Women's Nine & Co. by Nine West Purse Handbag Janis Megaville Signature Tote

I actually have two of this bag (one in blue, one in black and white) and it is my favorite.  It is a great size to carry my laptop around without being too big.  It also has a  zippered interior pocket to securely hold your important items.

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What do you think of these great designer tote bags?

Do you carry tote bags on a daily basis, or use them when you shop? What do you look for in a tote?


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