Trouble: World's Largest Amy Jade Winehouse Fan Club

The Mission Is:

To offer a very brief overview of the history and activities of Fan Club Amy Winehouse Trouble, the largest Amy Jade Winehouse club on the planet. Frequent updates will be added to create a perpetual digest and journal.

A citizen of Brazil, Alexandre Ferreira first discovered AJW's music in 2006, as he surfed myspace. He immediately began trying to find her CDs in Brazil, but none were yet available. His only access to her tunes was via a few internet videos. In early 2007, the discs arrived in Brazil's major cities and the entire South American fanbase began to expand rapidly.

On March 12, 2008, Ferreira got his first in a series of three AJW tribute tattoos. On October 13, 2008, he founded Trouble. Started with 10 members, Trouble now has chapters in more than 20 countries and its founder sees no end in sight to the club's aggressive expansion plans.

After years of anticipation, Ferreira's prayers were finally answered when, on January 13, 2011, he attended AJW's concert in Recife, Brazil. He arrived at the convention center 16-hours early and was privileged to watch the band's sound checks. At midnight, AJW took the stage and won the hearts of the massive audience.

Included in this leaf is an interview with Ferreira, and an alphabetized multi-country link list of Trouble facebook pages. AJW fans that are interested in the possibility of helping to launch a club chapter in their own country can contact Ferreira.

Frequent updates will be posted at the bottom of this leaf.

The pictures in this leaf are owned by Trouble Brazil.

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Where Did 'Trouble' Get Its Name?

The Importance of Unity Among International Fans

A Likkle JadeInk Editorial

In its April 2012 detailed report on the state of the Amy Page Movement, the AANPN noted:

If any human speaks Amyish, their other lingos are irrelevant; they are Amyites, they are us, we are one in our love for AJW.

This observation was made in the context of encouraging friendship and cooperation between fans and AP admins in all nations. Since that report's publication, substantial progress has been made in establishing a greater sense of international unity among all who love AJW.

While the primary motive of AJW's expensive and laborious efforts to build an international fanbase was commercial, there is likkle doubt that she hoped for a modicum of unity between fans. Such unity notions preclude any nation's view of a proprietary or privileged interest in AJW's musical legend and philanthropic legacy. The JadeMermaid Princess remains a planetary presence and all those who love her are equals in that affection.

Public and behind the scenes efforts of many Trouble Chapters have helped to promote unity of purpose in numerous AJW-related projects. Those efforts should continue, expand, and be mirrored by all who want AJW to remain as important to future generations as she is to those who walked with her on her magnificent adventure.

The full AANPN report is linked below and labeled: 2012 AANPN Report on the State of the Amy Page Movement.

If any human speaks Amyish, their other lingos are irrelevant; they are Amyites, they are us, we are one in our love for Amy Jade Winehouse.

Hardworking President Continues Spirited Club Promotion

Interview: Alexandre Ferreira, Trouble President


JadeInk: Since July of 2011, fans have launched many new online pages dedicated to AJW. Has the 'Amy Page Movement' been useful in helping to attract new interest in her life, music, and philanthropic legacy?

Ferreira: Scores of thousands of new people have been attracted to viewing the many pages. We know that new fans will be critical to upholding the musical legend and building lasting support for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. We also know that the pages help retain longtime fans, who rely on them for information, entertainment, and to stay in touch with others sharing their love for Amy. The pages help grow the fanbase, and raise awareness about the AWF.

JadeInk: Do you expect new chapters to be established in additional countries?

Ferreira: In 2012, we are concentrating both on strengthening existing chapters and building an action plan for our 2013 expansion efforts. By mid to late 2013, we expect to have very active chapters in more than 30 countries. We will be particularly aggressive in expanding into Asia and Africa.

JadeInk: Exactly what is your role in leading the worldwide Trouble organization?

Ferreira:  As the club's founder, I take very seriously my obligation to control the type of content that is posted on all of our pages. Respectful and positive content about Amy and the Foundation is what we are about. My leadership in that area is respected and relied upon by all chapters. I offer guidance to all chapters, and help assure that everybody is working toward the same goals. When rare 'troubles' arise, I help solve them quickly.

JadeInk: Do you establish goals and policies for the many chapters, or do the members in individual countries decide what direction their clubs will take?

Ferreira: The chapters have different formats in various countries. We try to fit in with each country's culture. Yet, we do have some uniform rules. All chapters use a single official logo and we work to coordinate our public efforts in areas of online posting, media outreach, and AWF support.

JadeInk: How do the chapters engage in helping to raise awareness about the Amy Winehouse Foundation?

Ferreira: Trouble promotes all AWF announcements and events. In Mexico, the chapter recently completed an event with proceeds going to the AWF. We continue to aggressively promote products that share proceeds with the AWF. We successfully partnered with Universal Music Brazil to help maximize sales of Lioness: Hidden Treasures, proceeds from which benefit the AWF. Currently, we are working hard in several countries to help assure very strong sales of Mitch's new book, Amy, My Daughter. We have a great relationship with Editora Record, the book's Brazilian publisher. We have strong and trusting relationships with the media in many regions, and we continue to earn great coverage for all of our promotional efforts.

JadeInk: Do you have any estimates of the club's worldwide membership numbers?

Ferreira: Trouble now has about 10,000 active members, and many more great supporters in over 20 countries. We are very optimistic that we will continue to grow for years to come.

JadeInk: What are your longterm goals for Trouble?

Ferreira: I hope, someday, to help establish the AWF in Brazil. Fans in the UK and USA have the privilege of the AWF's presence. Hopefully, Brazil and other countries will, one day, be able to enjoy that same great honor.

Trouble: Links To National Chapter Facebook Pages

Countries: A thru G

International Media Interest In AJW Continues At High Levels

South American Fans Adore The Beloved Diva

Trouble: Links To National Chapter Facebook Pages

Countries: H thru Z

The Paps Were Relentless In Every Country

Useful AJW Links

What Is The Amy Winehouse Foundation Doing In The World?

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AJW Now Has Her Own Category On Zujava

Good News For Fans and Shy Writers

If you have been wanting to write a respectful leaf about AJW, but were afraid it would "get lost" in the big pile or "not be good enough" to attract readers, now is the time for you to pick up a pencil.

Due to popular demand, AJW now has her own category subtopic on zujava. That means your page will be easily found by readers and will be read by a "friendly crowd."

You can even earn a likkle money for yourself - or for the Amy Winehouse Foundation - by publishing your own Amy Pages on zujava. Based on page traffic/rankings, writers receive tiny pennies each month for their published leaves. Over the course of a year, those pennies can add up to dollars.

Don't be shy. Join the Amy Page Movement with your own leaves.

AANPN is pleased to help promote all respectful Amy Pages.

A Look At The 'Trouble' Doll Collection

A Look At The 'Trouble' Magazine Collection

Amyville Knows No Borders, No Barriers, No Boundaries

Watch For 'Trouble' Updates Below

Trouble To Hold Charity Based Anniversary Celebration

Brazil Trouble

August 15, 2012

Trouble president Alexandre Ferreira today announced that the international club will celebrate its fourth anniversary by supporting a post Childrens Day party at the Spiritist Society of Messengers of Peace. The society helps needy Brazilian families and children in the San Antonio Barreiros of Sao Goncalo do Amarante, RN.

Trouble is distributing a list of children that would benefit from the gift of a simple toy at the anniversary celebration. The 'Adopt A Child' campaign is expected to assist scores of underprivileged kids.

Quotes From Ferreira:

"We are extremely proud of the great work that the international club has accomplished during the past four years. The best way for us to display that pride is through service to those who are less fortunate than ourselves."

"We know that when Amy was in Brazil, she was very moved by seeing the poor circumstances faced by many children. In sponsoring this event, we feel that we are accepting the fact that from now on the work that Amy would have done must be accomplished by us."

"While the thrill of our four year anniversary is exhilarating, the celebration will be given greater meaning to members by sharing our joy with those children to whom the gift of a tiny toy and a cup of juice would be a major event."

The October 13, 2012 celebration will be publicized by local and regional media outlets and is expected to generate substantial interest in the charitable agenda that helps to guide Trouble.

To learn more about how you can help make a likkle child smile, please see the Trouble link here.


To better understand the truth about the charitable life of Amy Jade Winehouse - and how she always inspired her fans to adopt positive attitudes about philanthropy - please see the AANPN links below.

Amy Winehouse: Continuity of a Charitable Life and a Philanthropic Legacy

Amy Jade Winehouse: Quiet Generosity

And the Winner Is...

Jadeink! Thanks to everyone who participated in the FitBit Facebook contest over the past thirty days. It was a lot of fun trying out this different c... Read more

Because What's Inside Her Never Dies

Trouble: The Fun Promotion File #1

Spreading Trouble In The Sky

Trouble: The Fun Promotion File #2

Spreading Trouble In The City

Trouble: The Fun Promotion File #3

Spreading Trouble At Sea

Trouble: The Fun Promotion File #4

Spreading Trouble On The Road

Trouble Announces Ambitious 2013 Plans

Brazil Event: Convention Amy Winehouse

August 26, 2012

Alexandre Ferreira announced yesterday that - in addition to Trouble's ambitious international expansion plans - the club has commenced the planning of an "exhibition and entertainment" event labeled Convention Amy Winehouse, to be held in Brazil during late 2013. In a letter to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Ferreira pledged that all proceeds derived from the ticketed event will be donated to the AWF.

Quotes From Ferreira:

"Trouble will heavily promote Convention Amy Winehouse throughout South and Central America. It is also anticipated that we will attract attendees from North America and Europe."

"We expect a quality musical lineup and we hope to have lots of 'surprise' guests from various areas of the arts and entertainment industry."

"The event will include musical entertainment, exhibitions by serious collectors of Amy memorabilia, and a venue for artists and others to display and vend their Amy related art and original crafts."

"100% of the proceeds from ticket sales and booth rentals will be donated to the AWF. In addition, a minimum of 25% of the proceeds from art and craft sales will be donated to the AWF by the vendors."

"This event will play an important part in helping us to meet our goal of closing out 2013 with at least 30 Trouble chapters around the world."

"Everybody recognizes that the proposed scale of the event will test the organizational skills of Trouble members and we expect to prove that we are capable of getting the job done."

"It is far too early to declare that the event will become an annual affair, but if all goes as expected, we are certainly hopeful that fans will have a South American trip to plan each year."

In its letter to the AWF, Trouble also put the charity on notice that, during the coming years, the club will encourage the AWF leadership "to seriously consider the possibility of establishing a small foundation presence in South America by 2016."

"We are building a serious and committed group of fans who love Amy and have a deep and driving desire to volunteer their services to the AWF in South America," Ferreira said.

9-13-12: Trouble Snags Exclusive Zalon Interview

September 14, 2012

9-21-12: Resting Place Memorial Shown To Public

Watch Video At Link - Buy Zalon's Tribute

All Proceeds To Amy Winehouse Foundation

10-13-12: Happy Birthday Trouble!

Trouble Celebrates Children's Day and 4th Birthday

Fun, Food and Music For Dozens Of Children

On October 13, 2012, the day after national Children's Day in Brazil, Trouble International celebrated its fourth-birthday anniversary.

The event was held at the Society of Messengers of Peace facility in the San Antonio Barreiros of Sao Goncalo do Amarante, RN. The society serves disadvantaged families and children in the area.

Quotes From Trouble President Alexandre Ferreira:

"In keeping with our commitment to help support the goals of the AWF, we felt that a day of service to the children was the best way we could celebrate Trouble's birthday."

"The members were all thrilled to bring a day of fun, food and music to the dozens of children attending."

"I realize how difficult it is for many in modern society to understand how meaningful a simple likkle party is to children who often do not even enjoy what many consider basic necessities. Any celebration is a very big deal for such kids."

"Trouble does not seek any praise for doing what we know is right; for doing that which we know Amy would do if she was here. "

"There was absolutely no doubt among the members that while Amy's work must now be our own, she was with us in our tiny effort to bring a day of joy to the kids."


Trouble chapters around the world continue to plan additional events in service to their own communities. Many such future happenings will be reported in this leaf.

Trouble: Fourth Birthday Anniversary Celebration

10-13-12: In Service To Brazil's Underprivileged Children

Trouble Plans 'BBC Sessions' Launch Celebration

Trouble has partnered with Universal Music Brazil, Grupo Editorial Record Shops and the Rio Center to sponsor a celebration of the launch of Amy Winehouse at the BBC, on November 26, 2012.

Full Details of the launch party are in the official event announcement.

Concert artist Natal Claudianna Antunes will appear at the event to sing covers of AJW's greatest hits. Raffels and giveaways are also planned.

Date and Time: Monday, November 26, 2012 - 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

Location: Loja Rio Center MegaStore, Avenida Prudente de Morais, 3687 - Lagoa Nova, Brazil

Brazil: AW-BBC Launch Party Draws Crowd

11-26-12: Music and Fun at Rio Centre

Brazil: TV News Coverage

11-26-12: AW-BBC Launch Party

Trouble: 2013 Pocket Calendars

Right Click, Save, Print On Cardstock

Trouble: Christmas Cards

Bold Move By Trouble Puts Amy Fans First

1-17-13: Once again, the leadership of FC Trouble has shown its ability to reach out to and embrace diverse elements within the broad AJW fan base.

The Trouble endorsement of the Vote Amy Winehouse strategy on NME ballot measure #19 shows us that Trouble is always prepared to put self-interest aside in pursuit of the best interests of the AJW fan community as a whole.

Quotes From Ferreira:

"Fan Club Trouble is encouraging the worldwide fan-clans to come together in the NME vote and support 'Amy Winehouse' as the best fan community."

"Voting for individual fan clubs is not the way to win this vote. We must all unite and assure that the Amy Winehouse Fan Community as a whole wins this contest."

"A vote for a specific fan club will divide the fan community, split the votes and assure a loss in this contest. The only way to win this race is with our united votes for Amy Winehouse."

"Promoting individual fan clubs - large and small - is an important and worthwhile task. Now is not the time for such promotion. Now is the time for all Amy fans to express their collective power and unity by entering only the name 'Amy Winehouse' on the NME ballott."

Trouble leadership in every country should be applauded for demonstrating their unselfish devotion to the 'big picture.' Hopefully, other groups and individuals will follow Trouble's example and help win this one for ALL fans who love and adore AJW.

Cast your vote for Amy Winehouse on measure #19 here: Vote 'Amy Winehouse' Now.

January 23, 2013

Ferreira Receives Birthday Greetings From Winehouse Family

FC Trouble Posters

Happy Valentine's Day From FC Trouble

Laura Jane Butler Named New FCT-UK President

AWF Mega-Booster and International AJW Tribute Artist

Meet LJB On Facebook

Visit FCT-UK On Facebook

Visit 'My Winehouse' Website

February 1, 2013: In a surprise and inspired move, Laura Jane Butler has been named to lead the FCT-UK chapter. The potential synergy in this selection is huge and well compliments FCT's aggressive growth plans.

The well known AJW tribute artist has established herself as a mover-and-shaker in Amy Winehouse Foundation fundraising efforts. Her broad range of contacts will be a great asset in the campaign to expand the international reach of FCT. Laura Jane Butler is the right choice at the right time.

Musicography: A Music Therapy Leafography

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Limited Edition Paperblanks Notebooks

AJW was a constant user of Paperblanks. Many of her songs were first drafted in the journals; including "Tears Dry On Their Own," the lyrics of which are printed on these gorgeous new books.

Trouble Introduces New Logo

After five-years of displaying its classic logo, Trouble has opted for a change. In a clear show of solidarity with and support for the goals of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the new logo incorporates some elements of the AWF logo. Follow news of the update on the facebook Trouble Wall.

UK News: AWF Schools Resilience Programme

See The Latest Collection

If you plan to build a nice collection that will retain its value for many years, it is important that the items you collect are kept in 'mint' condition and remain in their original packaging.

Livraria Saraiva - Mid Way Mall - Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Full Details

27 Rosas Exposition: A Huge Success

The Founding Chapter of Trouble continues to excel at planning, organizing and executing complex and entertaining events in Brazil. The boundless energy of the club's members is quickly cementing Trouble as a leading independent player in efforts that help preserve the legend and promote the philanthropic legacy of Amy Jade Winehouse.

Print and electronic media coverage of the most recent '27 Rosas' tribute and exhibition has been extensive; the club's ability to attract that coverage proves that they are moving far beyond their important leadership role in the 'Amy Page Movement' and carving a deep niche in the field of event production.

The excellent work being accomplished by Trouble is extremely important in both awareness building and fundraising support. Club President Ferreira and his dedicated associates are building on the South American fanbase cornerstone that AJW herself worked so hard to establish. The club's work should be applauded and mirrored by AWF/AJW boosters everywhere.

Quotes From Ferreira:

"We are both thrilled and humbled at the outpouring of support for our most recent event. Amy fans and AWF boosters everywhere can look forward to bigger and better Trouble projects as we move forward."

"We are extremely grateful to all of the media outlets that continue to help get our message out to fans and to the general public."

"All of our work is done to help support the hopes, goals and wishes of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Our efforts are not only designed to further exalt Amy, but to help assure that the people she desperately wanted to help continue to receive the life-changing support they need and deserve."    

'27 Roses' Print Now Available

Proceeds Support Amy Winehouse Foundation

FCT President In London For #Amys30

'AWM' Release Date 2015

October 13: Five Years Ago on this date, five fans in Brazil decided that AJW needed a likkle fan club. Today, FCT is the largest AJW fan club on the planet. The club's success did not come by magic, luck or kismet; hard work, relentless dedication, and the promotion skills of its leadership have delivered both growth and longevity. ... ... In some of the world's poorest areas, FCT has helped deliver joy to children in AJW's name. As a booster of Amy Winehouse Foundation, FCT has helped expand awareness of AJW's philanthropic legacy around the globe. The mission to help preserve the AJW-Legend is safe with FCT in the mix. Happy Birthday FCT!

FCT Helps Bring Christmas To Brazil's Needy Kids

The Fan Club Trouble campaign to provide a likkle Christmas joy for some of the poorest kids in Brazil is underway.

In December, a toy distribution party will be held at Spiritist Society of Messengers of Peace in Natal-RN.

If you would like to provide a tiny toy for a needy child, please contact FCT:


Phone:  (84) 8781-3908

TROUBLE: The World's Largest Amy Jade Winehouse Fan Club is planning to expand throughout Asia ... Next Stop: Japan ... If you or someone you know would like to help lead the expansion drive in your country, contact FCT:

December 7, 2013: FCT Christmas Fun

January 1, 2014 - FCT Launches New Forum

Visit Winehouse Place Forum

With so many FCT Chapters around the world, the forum has great potential. Hopefully, the FREE Google Page-Translator APP will soon be installed. In the meantime, it is easy enough to get registered and post on the boards.

To get started: If you do not read Portuguese well, just open your google translator in a separate window, paste the words you do not know; the instant translation will guide you quickly thru the registration. AAN tested the process and it went fine. Registration, profile setup, avatar upload, and the first post took only a few minutes.

Congrats to FCT on their new project.

Porto de Galinhas: Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil ... A major tourist destination with one of the world's best bright-water beaches. The municipality is about 35 miles from Recife; the home of the Fan Club Trouble Founding Chapter.

A Look At The 'Trouble' Vinyl Collection

FCT: Summer 2014 Event

Exposicao "Amy Winehouse: I Go Back To Us"

Fan Club Trouble Summer 2014 Event

Exposicao "Amy Winehouse: I Go Back To Us"

Natal Venue: September 2 thru 6

Fortaleza Venue: September 15 thru 19

Works by many of the most famous AJW-Tribute Artists will be on exhibit and available for sale at the two-venue event. All sale proceeds pledged to Amy Winehouse Foundation.

AJW TribArt Begins Arriving In Brazil

2014 FCT Expo On Schedule

The Horace Panter AJW Portrait print arrived in Brazil, and will be

featured with many other artworks at the

Fan Club Trouble Exposition 'Amy Winehouse: I Go Back To Us.'

Natal-RN: September 2 thru 5

Recife-PE: September 9 thru 14

Expo proceeds benefit Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Most Recent Updates Appear Above This Graphic

Jadeink Leafography: Amy Jade Winehouse Pages

Amy Jade Winehouse

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