Ways to Earn Money Online Immediately

Nothing Comes Easy - Even Making Money Online

If you are planning to make money online because you think it will be easy and that you will make loads of money you should likely consider another source of income.  Making money online is a great option for those that want to work from home but they should be aware that they will need time to work and that they will need to put some effort into promoting their products or services.  

That being said, there are many people living all over the world that make a full time income from working online and they love it. I'm one of them! 

If you're still interested in finding ways to make money online immediately (or very quickly) then check out some of these options.

Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant

Administrative assistants do the majority of their work on the computer anyway so it makes sense that this type of work could be easily done online.  For many admin assistants there is no reason that they have to work from an office and they can quickly transition to being a virtual assistant with the right marketing.

Virtual assistants may work locally but they also have the option of working on a much more global scale.  If you live in Canada you can easily work for someone in the United States or the Carribean because you can carry out all of your duties online and you can collect payments via PayPal.

Virtual assistants may do any of the following tasks:

  • Organize, sort, and respond to emails.
  • Create Word files
  • Write business letters
  • Create and manage Excel files
  • Create and manage Access databases
  • Post content to webmaster's blogs
  • Write content for wembaster's blogs
  • Organize computer files
  • Set up web sites
  • ...and more.

Make Money Online as a Blogger

There are many people that are successfully making a living online by blogging.  But let me be clear - this is not "easy money".  You will have to put time and effort into creating a great blog that people want to read and that they like enough to come back for more.  Or you'll have to create a blog that is successful at directing people to a product that they are likely to buy on their first visit.  This is easier said than done.

If you like to write (or are willing to pay someone to write for you), you can start seeing income fairly quickly.

If you want to make money quickly by blogging though you will need to do some research first. Learn the tricks and tools of the trade.  Find a great product that either entertains or solves a problem that people are desperate to find an answer to. 

Blogs About Blogging

Start your research here

Make Money Online as a Freelance Writer

There are many options for freelance writers online and if you are a good writer you can start making money right away.  All you need is a PayPal account, email, and somewhere to write.  Well, there are other things that will help you along the way but those are the basics. 

There are many different ways that you can make money as a freelance writer online.

You can write:

  • blog posts
  • articles for article marketing
  • press releases
  • resumes and cover letters
  • product descriptions
  • biographies
  • magazine articles
  • opinion articles
  • sales pages
  • and more!

You can write for companies that employ writers (often called content mills) like TextBroker, where you get paid on a regular basis.  You can also write for private clients which pay either as you start the job or end the job or may pay in two segments.  

While content mills often have more work and it is easier to get the work once you have been hired by the company they are sometimes lower paying than the work you might get from private clients.  And although private clients sometimes pay more, you also have to take on the risk of not getting paid.  There are pros and cons to each.

If you're interested in Freelance Writing

find more great tips on freelance writing for beginners here!

Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer

Every site that you see online has graphics - pictures, logos, advertisements - and all of these need to be created by someone.  Graphic designers can find work fairly easily if they are good at what they do and willing to put some research into finding the best places to find clients.

If you're just starting out and can create a graphic pretty quickly you might want to start out at Fiverr.com.  Graphic designers can do very well at Fiverr if they are fast and are able to create a nice graphic in a short period of time.  Although you would only get paid $4 after they take their fee you can create an ad that makes it work for you.

You can also find people on Craigslist that are looking for graphic designers.

Make Money Online as a Fiverr Seller

Fiverr can be a great place to make  some money online and if you have the right kind of gig you could find yourself being very busy!  Some people actually make a living by selling services on Fiverr.  The kinds of services you can sell are almost endless.

Some of the services that have the potential to do well on Fiverr include:

  • writing
  • graphics
  • social media services
  • making funny videos
  • making video testimonials
  • singing
  • ...and more!

The great thing about Fiverr is that you can really have some fun with the gigs you offer.  Have a character that you like to become at parties?  Become that character and wish people a happy birthday.  Like to get goofy?  Do it in front of a camera.  Draw great caricatures?  Sell them to people.

Make Money Online with Social Media

Are you a social media geek?  Do you have loads of friends on Facebook and more Twitter followers than you can keep up with?  Love to pin on Pinterest?  Then you could be making money with it!

If you want to just sell services you can find several ways to make money by tweeting, sharing, or pinning other people's content.  It's very easy to do.  You can sign up for a company like ShareMagnet and choose things you like and share them.  You'll get paid for every person that clicks on your shared links. It's very easy and if you have a large following you can cash out every day.  You can also sell your services on sites like Fiverr or offer your services on other sites that are similar to ShareMagnet.

Alternatively, if you have more than just a lot of followers and friends and actually have some knowledge about social media you could offer services as a social media consultant.  You could offer to help people set up their social media accounts and help them to be more effective so that they get better results.

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Bonita on said:
Very good information!
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Nice to see your first leaf up for the 30 day challenge. Great informative leaf to offer up too.
Anonymous on said:
Great read Danielle! :) Very true points too!
Anonymous on said:
Nice work! Honest and to the point. Something many others fail to mention is the amount of work involved in making any type of decent income from home. You have given great information and have not promised riches to anyone. :)
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tvjunkie on said:
Thanks. There really is no "easy" way to make money from home but I do believe that these jobs can help you earn money pretty quickly if you put the effort into it.
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bill on said:
Graphic design and writing have worked the best for me. Neither of them were immediate, but they yielded the best return over the years, and I don't regret it for a second. Well done!
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tvjunkie on said:
Writing has always been my thing but I've always wanted to learn graphic design. Maybe something for my future. :)
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belinda342 on said:
This is very good information for anyone wanting to earn online. I truly enjoy writing on sites like Zujava and Squidoo, but the money isn't immediate. It really takes time and a lot of effort--but the upside is that you are building a residual income. For immediate cash I use London Brokers and iWriter.
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tvjunkie on said:
I love the potential of residual earnings but sometimes you have to put the food on the table. I've written for a few content mills but I've always preferred private clients.
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great leaf! Zujava is the best option for me though.
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As long as you're happy - that's all that matters!
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Rochelle on said:
Useful information.
Anonymous on said:
Thanks for the good suggestions. If I may add a suggestion for freelance writing online, I write for Constant Content sometimes. You have to be approved as a writer and their quality control standards are high, but you can either write for specific requests or post your articles online for sale once you're a member. They take a portion of your sale as commission.
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tvjunkie on said:
I did a little bit of writing on Constant Content when I was starting out and I still think it is an option worth considering, too. For some reason I was never fond of it though.
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You have some great ideas and links here.
Anonymous on said:
Great list here! Web design and blogging are my favorite ways to make money from home.
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Joanne on said:
I do freelance writing and also write for Squidoo and have just gotten started here. Glad to hear of your success, it inspires me to continue.
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I do writing, nothing worked immediately but over time I have really done great for myself. I hope to make a pretty penny on Zujava in time too.

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