Whimsical Climbing Trees For Cats

Cats need climbing trees

If your cats get into mischief, these whimsical climbing trees for cats can help. Bored cats are curious cats, and curious cats climb and explore places you'd prefer they stay out of. Today I had cause to research cat trees, and I found some fun new designs I had no idea existed.

I was checking my email this morning when I heard the frantic sound of back claws on the kitchen cabinet doors. Storming to the kitchen, I prepared to shoo the naughty kitties off the countertop. I was horrified to find that they had gotten beyond the counter to the top of the upper cabinets…among the collection of decorative wine bottles.

Of course, the cats knew they weren't supposed to be up there, so when I made my sudden appearance, they scrambled to jump down. I watched helplessly as a bottle tipped over the edge, landed on the granite countertop and then the tile floor, and shattered around my bare feet.

I know cats have to climb. It's in their nature. And these three do have a cat tower. But maybe they're bored with it. Or maybe there's not enough space for all of them. I came to the internet to look for a new climbing tree that might satisfy them. I've seen cat trees that look like trees, but since there is also a toddler in the house, it would be fun to buy one of these playful styles so she can enjoy looking at it as well.

By Nancy Shepherd

Photo by Richard Croft via wikimedia.org

Cactus Climbing Trees For Cats

Cactus Climbing Tree For Cats

Maybe this climbing tree for multiple cats would have enough space for our hooligans. After all, there are six arms on this cactus, and we have only three cats. The arms are staggered so cats can easily climb up and down.

I like the southwest and the stately saquaros, so this cat tree is a possibility. I can see that the base is plenty wide to keep it from tipping under a feline onslaught. I'd have to measure carefully to be sure it would fit; it fills a space 45" x 48," and it stands 65" tall.

Cat Climbing Tree For The Ship's Cat

Pirate Climbing Tree For Cats

This pirate climbing tree doesn't provide a lot of climbing height, but it does offer other perks. It has four dangling cat toys and a scratching area. The scratching post can be custom ordered with carpet or sisal, and you can choose the color of the sisal. I would go with just the carpet because that is what my cats prefer.

The crow's nest on this "pirate ship" cat tree provides a cozy sleeping nook. Entrance to the bed is through a hole in the bottom, 24" off the floor. Obviously not a problem for my cats. This one takes up a little less room in the house. It's just 26" x 25."

Lighthouse Cat Tower

Lighthouse Cat Climbing Tree

It's hard to find climbing trees for cats that combine elegance and whimsy, but this lighthouse cat tree does it in style. It's unique in that the climbing is done inside. Four levels within the tower provide privacy for snoozing, and an opening in the top of each level lets the cats move up and down. At the very top, they can sit and look out the window.

This is one of the tallest cat towers I've seen, at 73" tall. Its footprint is 32" x 29" and the base widens for stability. It's available in a range of colors to coordinate with your home. I really like this one for the sleek look (it doesn't look like a blocky cat tree), but I'm afraid my cats would sleep inside and I'd never find them!

Flower Cat Climbing Tree

Flower Climbing Tree For Cats

Now this might just be the one. This orchid climbing tree for cats has six leaves, so my three kitties could each have their own space. In the center of the flower is a bed for lounging up high. The colors are pretty, and it just seems like our pretty-as-a-posy toddler would like looking at the design, too.

The base is one of the larger ones at 41" x 36," but that will ensure the cat tower won't fall over. That's important because I'm sure the toddler will try to climb it, too. The overall height is 72." Maybe – just maybe – that will be high enough to satisfy my cats and keep them off the kitchen cabinets!

If you like unusual climbing trees for cats, check out these whimsical styles at CatsPlay.com

Prefer The Traditional Look In Cat Climbing Trees?

This one is less whimsical, but awesome for mischievous cats

cat climbing tree

Maybe you like things a little more understated than the whimsical cat tree designs, but you still need something to occupy your bored cats. This Jungle Gym cat tree will keep your cats busy for hours. It has ladders to climb, platforms to sit on, cubbies to hide in, sling pockets to lounge in, sisal posts to scratch, and hanging rope sections to swipe at. What more could a cat want? The part I like best is that the adjustable top post section reaches the ceiling so there's less chance of the whole thing crashing down.

Climbing trees for cats come in lots of different designs

What design would you like for your cat?


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beckyf on said:
I really enjoyed the writing style on this page! I have a couple of "hooligans" myself, and a cat tree, but they still prefer marching across my desk, messing up my papers.
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Bexley on said:
I enjoyed reading about these whimsical cat trees. My favorite is the "Pirate" climbing tree. So cute!

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