Totally Wicked Witch Face Paint

Halloween Witch Makeup Ideas to Cast a Spell!

If you're wondering how to do witch makeup for Halloween, get your face painting kit ready. It's time to have some fun! Whether you are going for a wicked, sexy or pretty witch look, it's one disguise you can't go wrong with at Halloween.

Witch faces can be creepy, scary and horrible. But if you are painting the face of a little girl, you can also create a sweet and sparkly witch (think Glinda, for example).

So before you transform yourself into a witch with makeup, we need to discover your witch personality!

Image credit: Photo by clarita on morgueFile, digital face painting by IndigoJanson.

Text: copyright IndigoJanson.

1. Mean Old Hag

Be an Ugly, Evil Witch

This witch face is the Halloween classic. It's also a perfect look for children who want to frighten their friends with their disguise, and for women who have a reputation for being nice. Sometimes you need to let your wild side out!

The Pros:

This is your chance to show a side of you that people don't normally see. You might even terrify them into doing your bidding all evening. Plus you can go wild with your hair. Oh and you also get to cackle and call people "my pretties".

The Cons:

You nose gets to your drink before you do. And there's always someone who makes the oh-so-predictable remark that you look better this way.

 Witch Can't Wait Glitter

Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz Glitter available at

Creepy Witch Face Paint Video

Scary Witches get Makeup Tips Here!

Scary Witch Makeup: What You Need

Face Paint, Makeup and Accessories

You'll need a big nose. You can try making one yourself, or you can get one like this that's ready-made. Buy it in green and it will match the rest of your face. Fake witch noses like this stay on either with an elastic cord or are attached to a pair of funky witch-like glasses -- take your pick!

Jumbo Green Witch NoseWitch Nose w/Glasses

Now paint your face with some green face paint. This set comes with 6 different face paint shades and step-by-step photo instructions, so you'll know just what to do.

I think the finished witch from the first witch face paint kit looks quite glamorous! The Cinema Secrets witch (the second one) is a bit scarier, and the other two are simply terrifying! Wicked witch? Bring it on!

Witch Make-Up KitWitch MakeupWitch Makeup StackWitch Make Up Kit

Product details (from left to right):

1. Witch Make-Up Kit: large green creme foundation plus 4 smaller cremem colors (black, yellow, blue, dark red), eye pencil, powder and applicators.

2. Woochie EZ Witch Makeup kit: green, purple and black face paints plus applicators, powder and instructions.

3. Witch Makeup Stack: a set of 4 stackable makeup colors (green, purple, yellow and red) to create a truly hideous Halloween look!

4. Totally wicked Witch Make Up Kit: includes a latex nose and chin to transform your face, plus green and black makeup, applicators, warts, spirit gum and powder.

2. Sexy Enchantress

Be a Smoldering Sorceress No Man Can Resist!

Green skin and warts are fun, but for older teens and women who want to impress, it's time to get sexy! If you want to show off your figure and glam it up with your witch makeup, the Enchantress is the look for you.

The Pros

Ideal for someone who wants to be noticed. If you are confident enough, you can team the sexy witch makeup with a cute short skirt and a tightly-laced bodice for a Halloween disguise that's hot. 

If you don't want to bare too much flesh, the good news is that it also works well with a long dress and an extravagant hat. You can let your sexy face makeup enchant all you meet, while keeping the rest of you a little mysterious.

The Cons

Same as the Pros -- you'll be center of attention. Can you handle it?

The Witch and the Owls Halloween PosterWitch and Owl Poster Print

The Witch and the Owls Halloween Poster and Witch and Owl Poster Print by robmolily

Seductive Witch Make Up

Paint Your Face like an Enchanting Sorceress

Sexy Witch Makeup: What You Need

Enchanting Ideas for Your Halloween Witch Face

Go for glam with a dangerous Gothic twist. Think poisonous black lips and nails, with smoky eyes to tempt your victims. Or blood red lips.

In fact you can ignore the everyday make-up rule of either putting the emphasis on your eyes or on your mouth. Sexy witches can never have too much attention. Dramatic eyes teamed with dramatic lips? No problem!

Manic Panic Eyeware Kit, Melodrama
Leeu Group, Inc

This is the kind of eye makeup kit to look out for if you want to be a sexy, seductive and dangerous witch. Turn the melodrama up to the max as you define your eyes with black and red. Step-by-step eye makeup examples are included.

Manic Panic Lip Kit, Lip Locked Drama
Leeu Group, Inc

Red, black and purple are all bewitching lip colors for a temptress. Your wish comes true with this collection -- you get all 3!

Tish & Snooky's MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Ice Metals After Midnight Blue Lethal Lipstick
Manic Panic $9.25

Or how about a metallic blue lipstick for a deathly kiss?

Smiffy's Women's Siren Wig
RH Smith & Sons LTD - Parent Vendor Code

A glamorous wig in a striking shade will ensure you grab all the attention! Choose from purple, blue, red or green.

Zinkcolor Cobalt Blue False Synthetic Eyelashes E347 Dance Halloween Costume
Zink Color $14.99

A sexy witch needs lethal lashes. These false eyelashes come in various colors, shown here in cobalt blue.

3. Sparkly, Pretty Witch

She's the Good Kind... Until She's Mad!

A good witch, also known as a White Witch, uses her powers to conjure up pretty things. But make no mistake, she's more than an over-sized fairy. Even a good witch has a dangerous side. Look at Glinda in The Wizard of Oz... She knew all Dorothy had to say was "there's no place like home" but instead she glued the ruby slippers to the poor girl's feet and sent her off to kill the Wicked Witch.

If your sweetness and light occasionally gives way to a naughtier side, and you like to sparkle but are definitely no angel, you could be a White Witch. It's a perfect Halloween makeup look for little girls, but teens and women can also carry it off beautifully.

The Pros

You can sparkle and shine! Indulge your inner glitter-loving girl and be as pretty as your heart desires. Want to dust off your tiara? No problem!

The Cons

Silly people who don't know their Good Witches from their Fairies or Elves might annoy you by asking what you are.

Wizard of Oz Good or Bad Witch

Wizard of Oz Good Witch available at

You Can Have Girly Witch Makeup

Be a Good Witch this Halloween!

Pretty Witch Makeup: What You Need

It's Your Chance to Sparkle with Glitter Face Paint and Makeup!

The Good Witch is beautiful but who knows what lurks beneath? Is her lovely face just an illusion, sparkling like a mirage? You decide.

Start this look with your usual makeup (little girls can skip this part, they are perfectly pretty already!) and then start adding the shimmer and glitter to transform yourself into a Glinda style witch.

Too Faced Kitty Glitter - Pussie Galore - Iridescent Pink
Too Faced Cosmetics $14.50

Are you ready? Then grab your face and body glitter. Dust it anywhere you want to shimmer -- include your shoulders if they are on display. If you don't want pink glitter, this one also comes in iridescent blue and in translucent white too.

SHANY Cosmetics Mineral base Loose Pearl Eye Shadow Glitter/Eye Shadow 40pc Set with 2 Free Eye Shadow Brush and reusable case
SHANY $49.95

Glitter eyeshadow's an essential. For younger witches you can always use a glitter face paint instead.

Snazaroo 8 Color Sparkle Face Paint Pallet
Snazaroo $14.26

Face paint is a better choice for children and can be used for all kinds of fun face painting designs, not just a witch. A sparkle face paints palette like this one will keep girls of all ages happy. It's also non-toxic and kid-safe so no worrying about nasty chemicals.

Abhair- Long Curly Golden Blond Synthetic Hair Wig Costume Wig
abHair $15.99

Add a wig if you don't think your natural hair suits a sweet witch look. For some reason, sweet witches seem to have fair or red hair (Glinda, Samantha from Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) while the naughty temptresses have brunette or dark hair. But it's your costume, go for whatever suits you best.

Mystical Black n Silver Witch Hat

A sweet witch needs a pretty hat. If it's going to be a black, pointy one, get one like this with silver ruffles and a shaped brim. Or you can be different and wear a tiara or crown, as long as the rest of your costume is witchy enough!

Have You Ever Been a Witch at Halloween?

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