Zebra Print Baby Shower

Zebra Print Baby Shower

Zebra Baby Shower Cupcake Stand

Invitations, supplies and decorations for a zebra-licious zebra print baby shower. Trendy blue zebra invitations for boy showers and chic pink zebra for girl showers. Zebra print showers are at the top of the list for most popular theme showers. Zebra print invitations and decorations are eye-catching. They are fun and funky yet trendy and chic. Here is everything you need, from zebra print invitations to cake toppers, to start planning your zebra-licious baby shower. 

Zebra Print Baby Shower

Blue Zebra Print Baby Shower Invitation

The first step, after making a guest list, to planning a baby shower is to pick out the invitations. The invitations set the mood for the rest of the party, so you want an invitation that is eye-catching and impressive. Zebra invitations certainly are eye-catching, and have so many variation options when it comes to invitations. If you don't want to use tradition white envelopes you can use pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Zebra print goes well with just about any solid color. A pink or blue ribbon tied around a zebra print invitation looks nice too. With the invitation templates on this page it is easy to create a personalized invitation that suits the needs and personality of the mommy-to-be. You can even personalize these invitations with your own photo. You can also dress up your invitation envelopes with zebra postage, such as the ones shown below.  

Zebra Print Baby Shower Invitations

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Pink Zebra Baby Shower Invitation
Wow, look how gorgeous these zebra print invitations are! These zebra print invitations are large square  5.25" x 5.25" invitations - a nice alternative to traditional sized invitations. They are impressive invitations, printed in vibrant colors. The back of the invitations have designs on them too. Click on any invitation to view the backside. They included envelopes and free customization.  The invitation prices vary, depending on the design. A 10% discount is given for orders of any 25 or more zebra print invitations. They don't have to be the same design, you'll receive a discount for orders of any 25 invited. 

Click on any zebra print invitation to view the design on the back, price and customization options. 

Zebra Balloons

11" Zebra Print with Black & Pink Balloons 12pk
Amazon.com: $5.04

12 pack of 11 inch zebra theme balloons.

Zebra Print Baby Shower Invitations

Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Blue Zebra Print Baby Shower Invitation for Boy Baby Shower
Beautiful blue zebra print baby shower invitations for a boy baby shower. These invitations include envelopes and free customization on both sides of the invitation. They are large 5.25" x 5.25" invitations printed in vibrant colors. There are 6 paper types and nine colors to choose from. Discounts apply to orders of any 25 or more zebra print baby shower invitations. Invitations prices vary, depending on the design. 

Click on any zebra print invitation to view the design on the back, prices and customization options.

Personalized Zebra Baby Shower Name Tags

These personalized zebra baby shower name tag stickers are the perfect addition to your baby shower!

Zebra Binders

Zebra Binder
There are a lot of details in planning a baby shower. Staying organized is key to planning a successful baby shower. These zebra binders are great for keeping your baby shower plans organized. You can personalize the spine, inside and backside with the text of your choice. You can even replace the photo and add your own favorite photo or a photo of the mommy-to-be. Customization is free! These Avery brand zebra binders are designed for 8.5" x 11" sized paper. They are available in 3 sizes, 1" (holds 175 pages), 1.5" (holds 375 pages) and 2" (holds 500 pages). The prices vary, depending on the design and binder size.

Click on any binder to view price and customization options. 

Zebra Print Postage Stamps

Real US Postage!

Zebra Print Baby Shower Postage
The perfect postage to add that special touch to your zebra print baby shower invitations! These are real US postage stamps. They are shown in .45 cent denominations here but they are also available in 12 other denominations, perfect for all size mailings. They are available in small, medium and large sizes. There are 20 US postage stamps per sheet (all of the same design). Discounts apply to orders of 2 or more sheets of zebra stamps. 

Click on any postage stamp to view prices or to order.

Zebra Cake Toppers

Top off your baby shower cake with a zebra print cake topper! These 4.5" x 6 toppers are for cake, they are much too large to use for cupcakes. They included free customization too!. They are made of 100% food safe acrylic, and are available in 3 shapes, rectangular, oval and star. 

Zebra Cupcakes

Step-by-step instructions for decorating a cupcake to look like a zebra. These zebra cupcakes look fabulous displayed on a zebra print cupcake stand (pictured below).

Zebra Baking Cups

Zebra Cupcake Stand

This cupcake stand looks fabulous with cupcakes displayed on it and pink or blue confetti surrounding it. It is featured as the main photo on this page. Doesn't it look fantastic?! It holds up to 40 cupcakes. It wipes off easily and can be reused over and over.

Zebra Eco-Cupcake Stand + hot pink tape
Green Party Goods
Amazon.com: $18.00

Personalized Zebra Print Baby Shower Banners

These 36" x 10.38" zebra print baby shower banners include free customization!

Zebra Party Favor Bags

Set of 10 zebra party favor / gift bags. 

Baby Shower Party Gifts

These Bicycle brand playing cards make nice party favors, game prizes or keepsakes for the mommy-to-be and shower guests. There are 52 cards and 2 jokers per deck. They included free customization! There is no minimum order required. Save 17% on orders of 6 or more sets of zebra baby shower playing cards.
These zebra print magnets make nice party favors for your guests. You can customize them with the text of your choice. Customization is free! They are covered with a with scratch and UV resistant Mylar. Save 17% on your order of 10-49 magnets!

Zebra Buttermint Baby Shower Treats

50 individually wrapped zebra theme buttermints. These are great for displaying in candy dished at your shower or adding to party favor bags. They also look nice scattered around a shower cake, cupcake stand or around the dessert table.

Skinny Zebra Print Cards

The skinny, 3" x 1" cards have a number of uses, especially since you can customize them with the text of your choice. You can punch a hole on the side of them and thread with ribbon to tie around party favors or suckers. You can use as gift tags, and you can also add them in your invitations or thank your cards. Customization is free! Both sides of the card can be customized with the text of your choice. They come in packs of 20. Choose from ten types of premium card stock 

Click on any zebra print card to view the back design, price and customization options.

Zebra Party Pack

Pink Zebra Print Party Pack

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