Zujava's Referral System: How it Works

How to Earn Money by Recruiting Great Writers to Zujava

Zujava referrals

By recruiting writers to Zujava, you'll earn rewards based on how successful the writer is that you recruit. This gives you the ongoing opportunity to keep earning from writers that you recruit, giving you an additional way to earn from Zujava. 

Zujava's referral system is easy to use. Simply copy the link or the HTML code found on your dashboard to create your own unique referral tracker. Publish this on the web or send it in emails, and any person that signs up from your link will count as a referred writer. When they start earning, you start earning. You will earn 25% of whatever the writer earns, and it will never come from their pay -- it will come from Zujava's share.

How to Create a Referral Link

Want to create a referral link right now? It's easy. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Login to your account. Click on "my account" and then click on the "referrals" tab.
  2. There will be two different ways to create a referral link: first, to copy and paste the actual link. Second, you can copy and paste the HTML code onto any web page that accepts HTML, like your Wordpress blog or Zujava.
  3. Place the link somewhere. Send it an email with a message to potential recruits, or publish it on the web. Once a person clicks through the link and signs up, they are now a referral on your dashboard, listed under "referrals"!

Pretty easy, isn't it?

Where to Use Your Referral Links

Places to gain new referrals

Now that you've learned how to create a referral link, it's time to start posting it in different places so you can start recruiting new members!

Where can you post your referral link? Here are some ideas:

  • Facebook: Share what you've been up to on Zujava, and include a signup referral link
  • Twitter: Entice potential writers every now and then using a referral tweet
  • Your blog or website: Place links where you think they'll get the most attention
  • Email: Send personal invite emails (very effective), or include as an email signature

Here's an example of what you can write:

I've been writing on Zujava, where I earn money on articles that I publish, and get great feedback on my work from the Zujava community. Writing about what your passionate about can be very rewarding. Be sure to sign up at Zujava today using the link below!


**Note: this is just an example, don't use this actual link above! Use the one in your referrals dashboard.

How to Keep Track of Your Referrals

View recruits, stats, and earnings


You can keep an eye on how active your recruits are, and how much you might be earning down the road by viewing your referrals tab. This will tell you the username of anyone that you have recruited. It will also show their date joined, their last login date (so you can see how active they are), number of articles, and their earnings. Be sure to send some positive vibes and mentoring advice to help along new recruits! If they succeed, you succeed.

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Thanks for educating new user like me. I think this will be my second home aside from Squidoo. I love its features. =)
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DrDarko on said:
Are we allowed to use link shortening services like goo.gl or bit.ly with referral links?
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Great idea! I love the rewards for referring someone!
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Thanks for this info. I will do this as soon as I can.
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Thanks for the clear explanation. Hoping to get some new recruits soon!
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I'm so excited about referring some people I know. It's a win-win situation - help them earn and I'll earn as well.
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My sister followed my link, but she hasn't appeared in my referrals list....what do I do?

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