Increase Zujava Traffic With Comment Titles and Meta Descriptions!

How To Add Comments Titles, Sub-titles and Meta Description

Bring More Traffic To Your Leaf

Everyone is looking for more traffic for their Zujava leaves. One of the easiest and most overlooked ways of increasing traffic may be comment titles and meta-descriptions.

Many new and experienced Zujava writers may not be aware how to add a comment title to their leaves. If you do not know what I am talking about, look at my leaf about Adult Footed Pajamas, scroll to the very bottom and just above the comment box it says "Have you worn adult footed pajamas?".

In addition many may not know how to add a meta description. What is that? Do a Google search for "zujava footed pajamas". In the Google description for my leaf you will see "Adult Footed Pajamas From the Leading Manufacturers of Pajamas In the USA.". This is the "Meta-Description" that I wrote for the leaf.

In this leaf, we will learn step by step how to make these changes and why these simple steps can bring more traffic to your Zujava leaf.

(Thanks to Richard Masoner for the use of the traffic photo on creative commons license.)

Search Engines Like Comments and Comment Titles

Search Engines May Use Meta Descriptions In Search Results

Why Add A Comment Title And Sub-Title

Make Your Leaf More Attractive To Readers And Perhaps Search Engines

So, why add a comment title?

If you do not add a comment title, readers will only see "Add New Comment"  which is probably not going to be noticed. But if you make your comment title a question which pertains to your leaf, like "Have you ever worn adult footed pajamas?", your readers are more likely to leave you a comment.

Comments make your leaf more interesting for readers. Also comments are "new content" and tend to make your leaf more attractive to search engines.

Finally, search engines look for keywords. Keywords tell search engines what your leaf is about. The comment title gives another valid opportunity to use your keywords, thus making your leaf more attractive to search engines.

Follow the steps shown below to change your comment titles. Start by clicking the "edit tab" on the top of the leaf as shown in the photo below.

On Current Leaves: Click The Edit Tab

Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page

Click To Add A Comment Title and Sub-title

A Good Question May Get Responses

Use your keyword(s) in your questions

What Should Your Comment Title Say?

Probably best to ask a question.

What should you write in your comment title? I suggest use your most important keyword(s) in a question. Why?

A question is more likely to get a response. A keyword is an opportunity to tell search engines what your leaf is about. So, if you are writing about a movie, such as "Where The Wild Things Are", you may want to write in your title:

"Have You Ever Seen Where The Wild Things Are?"

"Would You Recommend Where The Wild Things Are?" 

"What Did You Love Best About Where The Wild Things Are?"

What should your sub-title say? Perhaps a personalized answer to your question:

"Where the wild things are" is my favorite movie AND book!

Why? The comment sub-title and descriptions are the LAST WORDS YOUR VISITOR WILL READ FROM YOU. These are the words they will leave with. If your leaf is well written and honest, ending your leaf with your personal comment may make the visitor more curious and perhaps may encourage the visitor to read the book, watch the movie or buy the product.

A Good Question Shows That You Are Ready to Listen

Get that banana out of your ear and listen to me!

Add A Meta Description

A Good Meta Description May Attract More Search Engine Traffic

Being able to write your meta description in Zujava is a VERY powerful tool. Why?

Search engines often use the meta description in the the search results. This is VERY important. If you write an attractive meta-description and people see your leaf in Google search, they are more likely to click on it.

What happens if you do not write a meta-description? Then search engines will probably pick a random line from your leaf to put in the Google search results.This is not ideal.

To repeat what I said above, do a Google search for "Zujava Footed Pajamas" and you will see "Adult Footed Pajamas From the Leading Manufacturers of Pajamas In the USA." This is the meta-description that I wrote for my footed pajamas page!

How do you add a meta-description? Look at the photo below and click where it says "Meta-Description" on your leaf.

Click Here To Add A Meta Description

A Good Meta Description Can Bring Traffic To Your Zujava Leaf

Help Potential Visitors To Understand What Your Leaf Is About

Change the rating for your leaf

Not sure what the rating does, but might as well

I am not sure how important this next step is, but since you are there, why not change the rating for your lens? If it is safe for all eyes, rate it a "G". If not, well, you know how this goes..

Change Lens Rating

Say Something!

This Site Is About Comments, So Please Comment Below

Do you think it is important to add comment titles and meta descriptions?

I write comment titles and meta descriptions for ALL of my Zujava leaves

Let us know if you learned something new about Zujava, and if you did then why not click the "like" button above, under the Zujava Toucan? Gracias!


52 leaves
1158 forum posts
Very well presented. I knew about the meta tag but did not realize that we were able to change our comment title.
102 leaves
2127 forum posts
bill on said:
Thanks for putting this great tutorial leaf together! The meta description area is important, and I love to see custom descriptions and titles for the comments section. Personally, I'm more apt to comment if I see a comments section that is filled out and maybe asks me a question as opposed to just leaving it blank or titling it something generic. Great work!
7 leaves
8 forum posts
guidetoweb on said:
Very well presented and it it surely very mcuh helpful for newbies on zujava. Thanks for sharing !
33 leaves
42 forum posts
Pastiche on said:
The more we personalize or tweak visible and non-visible content elements on a leaf helps tremendously with search retrieval and reader appeal. Great tutorial!
10 leaves
20 forum posts
Great tips. I was adding the Meta Descriptions but not the Comment titles. I am leaving here to do that right now!1
1 leaf
11 forum posts
Thanks for the great tips!
I just published my first leaf yesterday, but will go edit it (after I get home from my appointment :) )

21 leaves
55 forum posts
Nice leaf - I have been doing meta tags, but not the comment titles. I will, from now on!
20 leaves
11 forum posts
mihgasper on said:
Meta description is important and can be really tricky. Because it was abused so much in SEO community the rules for this part are constantly changing and I remember how hard was to convince Google and Yahoo to display the same text for my first site.

About comment section you did great job. I can add only one tiny hint: comment section can be nice additional source of traffic to commentators' leaves. So it is good to leave comments and it is even better if these comments add some value to the initial leaf.
51 leaves
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beckyf on said:
I've been filling out all the sections on my pages, but you've given me good tips on how I can improve them. Thank you for sharing!
88 leaves
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Daniela12 on said:
Very good leaf! It's very understandable, I'm going to apply this to my leaves.
49 leaves
51 forum posts
Very well done tutorial with easy to understand instructions - thanks for sharing it with us all
3 leaves
1 forum post
This is very informative. It's a great help especially for beginner like me. Thank you so much!
Anonymous on said:
I am a newbie to blogging and the meta description tagging on the comments is an extremely interesting concept that I can not wait to try. Thanks for sharing.

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